Spending hours on Salesforce, pulling campaign contacts, browsing gifts, then tracking it all?


Those days are over!

Sending great gifts is quick and easy - our app offers you an in-built link to our webstores WITHIN Salesforce

If you want to link store products to specific Salesforce campaigns, that’s easy too.  When you send a new contact a gift, they’re automatically added.

Do everything - including better traceability and tying into your

existing Salesforce reporting – in around 3 clicks!

Manage global marketing and gifting campaigns without having to leave Salesforce. Not only does this save time, because you no longer have to manually organise for promotional packages to be delivered to colleagues, it also saves money. We helped one client save $35,000, simply by localising their marketing strategy and using local currencies.



We are one of the few promotional merchandise companies that offer a service as comprehensive as this.

So why keep jumping between different websites and browser windows?  Get The JNI Salesforce app today and get into brand-building the easy way.


"Send Gift" button

To send your client something cool, you just navigate to the contact or lead and hit the “send gift” button.

A live list of products from your company store is instantly displayed, ready for ordering.

Having found a great gift, finding the contact’s delivery details is even easier. They’re automatically populated from the record so you’re ready to go.


It's all there

Even better, on despatch, tracking is instantly pushed back into Salesforce where it’s logged.

But the JNI app doesn’t just make sending gifts easier.  It covers a whole load of admin tasks too.

If you want to restrict an ordering period to, say 30 days, no problem.  It’ll give you flexible validation rules.

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