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Virtual Branded Merchandising: Some Things to Consider in this Changing World

One of the biggest challenges for brand-builders right now is getting their product in front of potential clients. With strict controls on movement for much of the world’s people, companies and the consumers cannot interact as they would have before the virus came.

It is still important to build connections with potential customers. They want to know that you are still here and available to do business. For some, your brand could be a connection to a time when all of this wasn’t happening. For others, the buying of your product could be a break from, or distracting addition, to their time spent indoors.

Plus, being inside isn’t the worst thing in the world. It is certainly easier being cooped up right now than it would have been a decade or two ago. At least today, we have the wide expanses of the internet to explore.

With that in mind, we should consider the most important part about reaching out to potential customers. Sending them something from you can show them that we’re all humans, that we’re all in this together and that you’re thinking of them in this turbulent time.

Its about interaction and, in this day and age, interaction doesn’t have to be physical. In this article we will explore some of the best ways to reach out to your clients that does not require either of you stepping outside.

eCommerce Store Gift Cards

If you have an online store, sending a virtual gift card can be a great way to bring a potential customer into contact with your brand. The traditional way of sending vouchers is still great. You simply send them a digital voucher and they can use whatever credit you’ve put on it to buy something from your store.

Our charity gift cards are one such example. You send the person of your choice an online charity gift card and, once they redeem it, they choose a charity of their choice to donate to. In this way, you’ve boosted your brand, done something lovely for your client and, potentially, made an impact at an important charity.

Virtual Gifts

Whilst coupons are not especially new, the world of virtual gifts is something that many won’t have interacted with. Gone are the days when something has to be tangible to be valued. All you need to do to see the truth of that statement is research the prices video gamers are willing to spend on virtual ‘skins’ for their online avatars.

A virtual gift can come in many different shapes and sizes. It can be a sticker or a GIF, a laughing dog or a digital birthday cake. Gifts like these are a small distraction from whatever else is happening in the world.

One of the more exciting virtual gift ideas we’ve started to see recently comes in the form of sending those we value a dinner and a movie. It’s an idea that really considers what it is that the people we care about are up to. Whether its for your clients or, say, a new recruit, you can send them a voucher to be spent at Deliveroo or on Netflix. That way, you’ll have paid for them to enjoy something they actually can.

Deliveroo and Netflix vouchers were not something we envisaged for the promotional merchandising world. But they stand testament to the adaptability of its employees and an example of its ingenuity. The same can be done by sending your clients a Spotify voucher.

Another great way you can reach out is by sending those you value something that will make working from home a little easier. You could, for example, send your employees that are working from home a branded blanket that they can wear when they're taking part in a video conference meeting. Its just another great way to be together while we're forcibly kept apart.

Changing approaches for a changing world

With the current pandemic shaping the way we interact with one another and what we should be spending our money on, it pays to think hard about your branded merchandising strategy. Potential customers won’t be so mobile and they’ll have a different set of concerns to those they harboured pre-Coronavirus.

Consider these factors when you approach them. Show them you’re still around and that you still value you them highly. Your merchandising strategy can reflect the changing world.

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