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TikTok's latest move: brand-building done well and truly considerate

At Jack Nadel International, we try our utmost to keep ourselves as current as can be. The marketing world moves fast. It’s a fluid, reactive and exciting industry built on ingenuity, on bold ideas. It’s a world that sees trends build, boom and break quickly; novel developments swiftly replacing what has been made into yesterday’s news.

The branded merchandising professional keeps its ear to the ground, its eyes peeled for the next trending innovation. Our business development team are always the first to know when a new gadget is set to take-off, when a new social media craze is perfectly primed to be harnessed by brand-builders, or when a new idea is set to take the industry by storm.

Because we’ve always got an ear to the ground – searching for seismic quakes; movement between the promotional product industry’s tectonic plates – we were surprised when a new idea walked straight through our front door. And because we know what we’re looking for, we were instantly aware it was a brilliant one.

TikTok: taking the social media industry by storm, and teaching us new tricks?

Like so many of the apps that preceded it, the short-form video entertainment platform, TikTok, has become so popular that brand-builders now find it impossible to ignore. It’s now got over 100 million active users across Europe!

It’s so popular, so widely used, we’ve even created our own TikTok account to showcase new and exciting products available as promotional pieces to our clients.

But this article isn’t about how we’re using TikTok to help brand-builders. This article is about how TikTok is doing something incredible for the smaller brands that its app has given a platform to.

TikTok’s B2B marketing team recently reached out to us to cover the logistics of an end-of-year gifting campaign for their clients. Because of the pandemic, the holiday period’s gift-giving process has had to change.

Like so many other industries, the gifting of promotional pieces has been moved online. We’ve set TikTok up with an online gift-giving store; a site where those that have partnered with them over the past year can input a promo code and redeem a gift that will then be sent direct to their home.

We’ve set up similar stores for many of our other clients, and we also cover the logistical organisation that facilitates the well-running of these eStores. When TikTok approached us, however, they did so with their suppliers already chosen. They came to us with a list of products from small businesses that use the platform to promote themselves.

The TikTok webstore features an eclectic, exciting range of gifts: candles designed in the female form; brilliant and bold oil paintings, adapted to fit phone and laptop cases; eco-friendly wellbeing products; resincraft that celebrates nature and grooming products specifically formulated for black men, to name but a few. On top of this, their festive jumper offering has been designed by two emerging creator illustrators active on the platform.

A move that appreciates those that matter and gives a boost to small businesses

We don’t usually use our weekly updates to promote what is being done by some of our clients but, with this article, we decided to make an exception. Why? Because we’re proud to be a part of this campaign.

This is brand-building done well; it’s a great idea that promotes the benefits of the platform while supporting and thanking its community during this turbulent time.

For these reasons, we, at JNI, take our hats off to TikTok. This is an example of great brand-building, and a truly considerate move.

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