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The Wenger backpack is a must-have for your Work From Anywhere workforce

If you are in the game for a business backpack, look no further than Wenger.

Wenger is a Swiss company founded in 1893; it is known for its precision, quality and attention to detail. Indeed, the company’s devotion to excellent craftsmanship led it to the creation of the “Swiss army knife” – now a household name.

The company has retained its core beliefs and, in this week’s product spotlight, we bring to you the Wenger business backpack. We’ll discuss the amazing, useful and inventive features boasted by this backpack, who the bag is perfect for and why it’s the #1 merchandising gift right now.

Business backpacks

Whilst the Wenger backpack may not be for everyone, for certain organisations it is a branded merchandising jackpot.

With multiple sections and compartments, this business backpack is perfect for a compartmentalised approach to backpack organisation. The front section is perfect for your charging cables, power banks and stationery. The middle section can hold your books, folders and lunchbox. The main section, which can hold an impressive 8 litres, is the perfect home for your laptop, bike lock and gym clothes.

Not to mention the water bottle holders, side pockets and handy storage sections for your smaller everyday items.

I know that sounds like a lot of space, and for many people, it may be too much. If you are a handbag and an iPad type of worker then the Wenger business backpack is a little OTT.

However, if you like to be prepared for the working day, if you like to have your whole office safely scooped up in one protective and organised backpack, then this is the backpack for you.

Who is it perfect for?

A key component of getting branded merchandise for your company is matching the products with your company’s style, tone of voice, and, importantly, personnel.

The Wenger business backpack is perfect for the no-nonsense software company, or a company that creates video games. Basically, any company with a large number of software developers and programmers should consider giving their employees this as an early Christmas present this year.

The Wenger business backpack is a bag for the super organised go-getters. It features super strong lockable zips, a reinforced steel cable handle, double-sewn straps, and even Kevlar-based fabric to protect the exterior of the bag.

This bag was made to last and made to meet every requirement. What else would you expect from the inventors of the Swiss army knife?

Why now?

As we all know, the traditional workplace is being eroded and, in its place, a multitude of possibilities are emerging. Work From Home has quickly developed into Work From Anywhere and, by the end of Lockdown 2.0, we imagine many workers will be keen to get out of their homes and experience some new environments.

With the Wenger backpack, even the most cluttered workspaces can be packed up and transported to a café, friend’s house, or public space. Wenger takes security and protection very seriously and so should your brand.

If the backpack isn’t for you, contact one of our branding consultants and we will find out just what product will bring your brand to life.

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