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The new role of a Marketing Operations Manager and how branded merchandise might help

Last week, we posted an article on our website which describes the features and benefits of our new platform, JNI Together. You can find that here. In the article, we outline some of the challenges faced by businesses due to the pandemic and how we propose to overcome these challenges.

As a brand-building company, we at JNI know what it means to strengthen a brand and increase exposure. We know that at times like this, the role of a Marketing Operations Manager can be a tough one, with no clear and easy answers.

In many ways, the development of the role is a result of changes to the whole operational landscape. Businesses are changing and evolving. What was previously a gradual process has been accelerated and initiatives like WFH, telecommunication and virtual gatherings have rapidly become the operational norm.

In this article, we are going to briefly explain what we believe a Marketing Operations Manager’s role is before analysing how the role has changed and what you can do to mitigate and leverage these changes.

What is a Marketing Operations Manager?

The best way of understanding the role of a Marketing Operations Manager is through understanding the process of marketing operations. Marketing operations is a broad term that encompasses the entire marketing process, including the people, the planning, the governance, and the support.

Marketing operations is not simply brand building and memorable marketing. Marketing operations is deeply concerned with metrics, infrastructure, budgeting, and best practices. Some may describe this as the ‘operations’ aspect of the role.

How has the role changed?

The role has changed inasmuch as the whole working landscape has changed. The way businesses connect with their stakeholders is undergoing a rapid revolution. Clients and colleagues connect with the business from the comfort of their own homes and so new tactics are needed.

It is the responsibility of the marketing operations manager to uncover these new tactics and apply them to the same analytical processes as before. For example, marketing strategies that were successful in the office are no longer appropriate and must be adapted to WFH.

The modern Marketing Operations Manager is tasked with increasing the success rate of a virtual meeting, and winning new clients without ever having any face-to-face interaction. These are the modern issues faced by Marketing Operations experts everywhere.

How can branded merchandise help?

The beauty of a well thought out branded merchandise campaign is that it is exceptional at both internal and external marketing. Whilst the ultimate role of marketing operations is winning new clients as efficiently as possible, keeping existing customers and colleagues happy should also be a top priority.

Sending virtual gift cards and virtual messages is only the surface of what a Marketing Operations Manager should be doing at a time like this. Our research has shown that tangible marketing - branded items that you can feel and touch - is far more effective at connecting people with a business. If you want to find out more about our tangible marketing strategies, you can do that here.

At Jack Nadel International, we have launched various new initiatives that aim to help Marketing Operations Managers across the UK. In particular, our JNI Together platform which makes sending physical items to clients, colleagues, and recruits a piece of cake. The JNI Together platform was designed with marketing specialists in mind as we know exactly the kind of issues faced by marketers at a time like this.

A recent Quartz at Work article, which you can read here, outlined some excellent guidelines for an effective marketing operations strategy. Alongside each guideline, we have mentioned a tangible item that could be used to achieve the desired effect. The guidelines are as follows:

- Get personal. Branded slippers.

- Get familiar. Branded toys for those colleagues/clients who have kids.

- Get physical. Branded water bottle.

- Get festive. Branded playing cards.

- Get functional. Branded portable chargers.

- Get real. Branded face-mask.

If you are a Marketing Operations Manager and you are coming to terms with the parameters of your evolving role, we hope that this article has helped you in some way. In any situation, no matter how different it is from the last one, there is always an effective marketing strategy to be found.

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