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JNI Together: A way to cut out all the admin and bring your brand straight to your clients

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Many of our followers will have heard about our JNI Together webstore by now. If you haven’t, and you’re trying to find ways to build your brand in a world where face-to-face interaction isn’t possible, then we strongly suggest you watch the video we’ve embedded at the bottom of this article.

JNI Together is an online gift-giving platform where those that are given access can choose the gifts, virtual or physical, and have them sent straight to their home address. We designed JNI Together to be a bridge between isolated individuals, to bring us closer to our clients and to bring our clients closer to theirs.

In this article we’ll explain 6 of the reasons why we think the gift-giving webstore is a great way to build your brand at a time like this.

1. It is designed to accompany your virtual events

The world may feel like it’s on pause right now but for many of us it’s still ticking. Like many of our clients we at JNI are still meeting (virtually, of course) with our colleagues, potential business partners, with prospective recruits and with future clients.

We try to make our online get togethers as exciting as possible. In fact, this week we’ll be hosting our second virtual cocktail party. Excitement boosts interaction, it facilitates more entertaining and inventive conversation.

From the comfort, but often mundane, familiarity of our homes, however, it can be difficult to get excited about a virtual event. The JNI Together platform is designed to try and spice it up a little.

You’ll be able to encourage attendees to your event by sending them a link to your own version of the webstore. The promo code they’ll be sent for spending on your webstore can be used on a variety of merchandising options or virtual gifts – a Netflix or food delivery company voucher for example.

Then it falls to you to wow these potential connections with whatever you have to say.

2. Our JNI Together platform can be easily and completely integrated to fit your web presence

The second thing you should know about our JNI Together platform is that it is designed to be able to fit your image. The version you see in the video above fits ours and we use it for our own virtual events.

Our webstore was, in fact, launched at one such event we conducted recently: our Nadel U 2020 conference. And it was a big hit!

Should you decide to get your own webstore, yours will look very different. It will have your logo, your name and it will be designed to partner with your virtual events. But, rest assured, the integration process is very easy and we pride ourselves on how quickly we can get your own webstore up and running.

Furthermore, the gift-giving store is completely secure and easy to use. Only those that have been given a promo code will be able to check-out of your webstore with a gift. All the store’s user has to do is input their home address and their gift will be sent to them as soon as possible.

3. Promo code value can be designed to boost interaction

Once your event attendees have RSVP’d, they’ll receive their promo code. In the case of those attending our cocktail parties or whatever get togethers you’ve decided on, they’ll also have to choose their cocktail. This will then be sent to them the day before the event.

These events can often drag on, however. We know that as well as anyone. Sometimes the fact that there is a lot to say just cannot be helped. It can be a struggle keeping your audience enthused and motivated.

With your own store, you can stagger the promotional allowance of your virtual meeting attendees. Those that stay longer can be rewarded with more credit to spend on the store. A great way to keep your meeting goers from drifting away.

4. Your webstore will draw on JNI’s global connections

All the gifts that you choose to make available on your webstore will come from Jack Nadel International’s extensive and well-placed warehouses.

We’ll make sure that the merchandising your virtual meeting attendees can choose from will be sourced as locally as possible. That means cutting down on delivery costs and carbon emissions.

5. We’ve designed our webstore with you in mind

Wherever you’re situated, your webstore can be set up to work within the local currency. Whomever your client base is, you can change the gifts that feature on your store to fit the likes and passions of their demographic.

If your client or employee orders a physical gift from the store, and they do so before 12, our JNI warehouses will have it processed, packaged and shipped that same afternoon.

The webstore can also be set-up as a pop-up, a one-off which runs in tandem with your meeting and then ends. Or it can be longer-lasting. The store can last as long as you want it to.

6. Your webstore will bring you closer to your client

All the physical gifts that will be on offer on your store will of course be branded with your company’s logo. With every gift that your virtual meeting attendees choose, you’ll be gaining access to their everyday.

Merchandise, gifted experiences or physical objects, are the perfect way to support your virtual events.

The gifts will give your client something to take away with them, something to remind them of what they learnt at your virtual meeting. Your gifts can’t replace the messages you want to share with your connections, but they can certainly support them.

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