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New Look Merchandise for the Stay-At-Home Workforce

Updated: May 21, 2020

The show must go on. As the dust begins to settle after the initial impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, one thing has become clear. Businesses must continue to operate to the best of their capabilities.

That means there are still clients to find, employees to please and brands to sell. At JNI we have been thinking long and hard about the many ways businesses can spread their message and strengthen their brand whilst the large majority of us work from home.

At times like this, strong branding comes from the ability to target people’s wants and needs. That’s why, at JNI, we have come up with a comprehensive branded merchandise strategy to target every facet of lockdown life.

Everyone’s isolation is different, and we want to make sure that your promotional strategy is aware of that. Many of us are at home with young children, trying to think of new and original ways of keeping them entertained. Others may be trying their hardest to stay productive at home and trying to adapt to a new working environment. Many more of us will be trying to stay fit and healthy.

Our latest work-from-home kits cover all the bases and should help your brand reach the right people at a time when it is important to stay relevant. In this article, we dive further into our work-from-home kits and what you can do with them.

Our Fitness Kit

Working from home has led to a revolution in the area of personal and private fitness. Home workouts are slowly becoming the new norm and running apps like Strava have become extremely popular as people take advantage of their one fitness session a day.

With this in mind, we have created a goody bag of branded merchandise that is sure to keep all the new fitness fanatics engaged. Our fitness set includes skipping ropes, resistance bands, yoga mats, water bottles, performance tees and an activity watch for the statisticians among us.

Fitness has become a daily ritual for many workers who find themselves working from home. Now is a great time to get your brand out there with some highly sought after stash.

Our Kit for Kids

Whilst it is unlikely that your brand will be trying to leave a lasting impression on small children, the reality is that parents will have their hands full all day, every day with their children.

This is a great opportunity for your business to send out some much-needed kiddy relief to hard-working parents everywhere.

For the players, you can’t go wrong with the branded Tumble Tower set. Tumble Tower is an all-time classic that is fun for all ages. Or perhaps the branded Tic Tac Toe set is more to your company’s image. With a branded wooden playing platform, the Tic Tac Toe set is sure to leave a good impression.

Nothing keeps a child busy like a colouring set. Whether you opt for the pencil tube, chalk set or colouring book, parents everywhere will be thankful that your brand is helping to keep their child busy.

As we mentioned earlier, we have prepared something for everyone. For adventurous and playful brands, we advise looking into the branded Bubble Blower or the branded Kite. Both are perfect toys for those sunny days in the park.

Our Kit for Adults

In our ‘For Adults’ section, we wanted to create a list of products that would have a real lasting impact on the day-to-day routine of someone who might be working from home. Whether it is a comfy, sustainable hoodie designed to keep you feeling cosy as you move from bed to desk to sofa. Or, one of our latest bits of cutting-edge tech - we have you covered.

At JNI, we take sustainability very seriously. We try our hardest to assemble the latest technology whilst also doing our bit for the environment. We absolutely love Bamboo. That’s why we have included Bamboo headphones, a Bamboo flask and a Bamboo desk tidy with wireless charging capabilities on our list.

We also recognise the importance of an organised workspace. Many people may be struggling to adapt to their new home workspace and these next items have these people in mind.

The mini charging clock from Aria is the centrepiece of a work-from-home desk, letting everyone know when their next coffee break is. The ilo power hub and multi-use charging cable can keep any desk free of clutter and unnecessary cables. Finish this set off with an ilo speaker and you are good to go.

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