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Tangible Marketing Set To Boom as Businesses Adapt to New Working Reality

A good marketing strategy is one that changes with time and can react to the changes that are occurring around it. The world has been fundamentally altered. Marketeers everywhere are scrambling to create strategies that will work for the new working reality.

Whilst we all eagerly await the easing of lockdown restrictions, there is one aspect of this pandemic that looks likely to linger: Social distancing. Most reports suggest that some form of it will continue until the new year. By the time it is no longer needed, it will be part of daily life.

Social distancing means virtual conferences and workshops. Social distancing means online internships and virtual get-togethers. Even virtual nights out. How does one effectively market for this type of event?

Tangible marketing strategies, such as the use of promotional merchandise, can allow your brand to stand out more than ever at a time when people are yearning for a physical connection.

JNI Together

Before we dive into some of the strategies you can use to boost engagement and the effectiveness of your virtual conferences and workshops, we want to briefly explain our brand-new JNI Together platform.

JNI Together is our online platform where users can send credit to colleagues, clients, and anyone else who has signed up. This credit can then be spent in the store so that users can receive a number of really fun gifts. Gifts include dinner & a movie, a donation to the NHS, an Amazon voucher, an Uber Eats meal, and many more.

Credit can also be used to buy individual items and our ‘Work From Home’ kits (you can find out more about that here). The JNI Together store also works across multiple regions, and in multiple currencies, so you can gift friends and colleagues all over the world.

Attendance at Virtual Events

Virtual events have become extremely popular during the pandemic. Whether it’s a pub quiz with your mates on Friday night or a Cocktail party with your colleagues on a Thursday, virtual events are the reality that all of us are coming to terms with.

Businesses are beginning to adapt to this unique situation by hosting virtual conferences to try and network in a time where connecting with colleagues and clients is more difficult than usual. The effectiveness of these virtual conferences depends on many factors. Most important is the level of engagement for each attendee.

Engagement levels can be boosted by providing attendees with physical branded gifts that connect them with the events of the virtual conference. For example, a registration pack complete with a nametag, notebook, pen, coffee cup, and perhaps even some coffee beans can help attendees feel settled and, most importantly, noticed.

These gift products are a great branding opportunity too. They leave a lasting impression on attendees and will be used over and over again.

Incentives and Prizes

For many people, staying engaged with a virtual meeting can be extremely difficult. It is all too easy to mute one’s audio and sit in front of the laptop, present but not engaging. Whilst this can be expected as people adapt to virtual meetings, it impacts the usefulness of the meeting.

Physical incentives and prizes are a great way of making any meeting a success. Attendance can be rewarded by sending attendees care packages of delicious treats of chocolate and other goodies.

Incorporating quizzes into virtual conferences, and awarding prizes to those who excel, is a great way of boosting concentration levels. Branded tech items, such as speakers, headphones, and charging cables, were a huge hit before the pandemic and are likely

to continue to be. Wireless power stations and sustainably sourced Bluetooth speakers, all branded beautifully, could be used to incentivize attendees at meetings.

Think Outside the Box

As with anything, the businesses and brands that think outside the box when it comes to effective digital and virtual communications will likely succeed in their aims. Creative virtual conferences and gatherings will be looked on favourably by clients and colleagues and will help businesses achieve their aims.

Each brand will require a different strategy because each brand is composed of a different family of people. However, one thing is for sure, professionals all over will be wanting to connect with brands at a time when connecting with the outside world is proving difficult. It is not enough to just be a collection of pixels on a screen, people want to feel the brand in their own homes.

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