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Tangible Marketing in Autumn: the perfect products to grow your brand

Summer has officially become autumn and, in what will feel like no time at all, it will be winter. The best way of staying positive, energetic, and motivated during the colder months is by focusing on having the right mindset.

Sure, the outside world will be wetter, colder, and muddier and will generally require a little more planning than it has in the previous 6 months or so. However, that does not mean there aren’t ways of appreciating this time of year for all the beauty it has to offer. We certainly will be.

Typical moments of bliss and contentment in autumn and winter occur when there is a steaming, hot drink in hand. Or a snuggly blanket over our bodies whilst we watch our favourite TV shows. Or maybe you find peace in the kitchen making delicious baked goods. Or even squelching through the dead leaves and smiling as your breath condenses in front of you.

With this new season and all its different ways of being enjoyed, will come the potential for high-quality merchandise to once again prove its value to clients and employees.

What can brands do?

A key difference between summer and winter is that the good times in summer can be enjoyed with nothing but some sun cream and a pair of sunglasses. In the colder months, we find protection and enjoyment in our material goods.

Beanies are always appreciated. Whether you suit them or not, it is never a bad idea to have a beanie somewhere around the house. Perfect for a bad hair day or a particularly cold and crisp winter’s morning. In a similar vein, gloves are a great branding opportunity. Imagine the deep feeling of appreciation your brand could give someone on that snowy day when they realise that they received a pair of gloves in the mail from their company’s branded merchandise webstore. That is appreciation that will last for months. The same goes for neck warmers and earmuffs – nobody really has them, but everyone secretly wants them.

Umbrellas. Umbrellas are a huge opportunity. Whilst many people might think twice before wearing a branded beanie or set of gloves, people tend not to be so fussy with umbrellas. As long as it is of good quality, an umbrella is something that can provide a huge amount of relief.

And that’s just the merchandise that can be used outside. Inevitably, people will be spending a lot of time indoors in the coming months. For the bakers, a fun and colourful cooking apron could be a game-changer. For the snugglers, a warm, branded blanket will get loads of use.

These small items are low-cost, high-appreciation examples of seasonal branded merchandise. The beauty of branded merchandise is that it is advertising that affects our physical environment and therefore, brands should do all they can to get the most out of each season.

Golden opportunity to maximise WFH

For many employees, the idea of having a uniform when you go into the office will have been a ridiculous and unacceptable idea. However, times have changed, and the way we work has changed.

The idea of having a WFH branded uniform no longer seems like a ridiculous idea. Employees may even love to represent the company from their home desk, whilst they engage in meetings, calls and conferences.

Long-sleeve tees, hoodies, crew neck jumpers, and even branded ties would go down an absolute treat with your workforce, provided they are of a good quality and branded with subtlety and precision. Make sure they are warm and comfortable too and employees might never take them off!

There are so many options for creating an effective and appreciated branded merchandise strategy. And it is now easier than ever. We are a branded merchandise company in London, but we are no longer limited by the constraints of distance. With our online webstores, we’ve been able to provide merchandising solutions to companies and organisations all over the world.

In addition to being able to send merchandise anywhere, the promotional webstores allow you to put control in your clients' and employees' hands. Just load the store full of products and let them choose how to spend their credits.

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