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Salesforce SWAG: How we deliver effective global promotional campaigns to all our clients?

Promotional merchandise has changed for good. The days of handing out branded pens and coffee mugs at company meetings have given way to highly targeted, client-specific, and trackable global gifting campaigns.

Even before the pandemic, multinational organisations with offices spread across the world were being converted to the idea of trackable corporate gifting. The ease with which businesses were able to deliver thoughtful promotional items to clients or prospects all over the world and track the delivery of these items was causing a stir in the industry.

Then the virus happened and the necessity for targeted promotional gifting was magnified tenfold. We were on the frontline of this revolution and were thankfully ready to deal with the spike in demand with our flagship products: The JNI Together online webstores and our fully-integrated JNI app on Salesforce.

Reducing time spent on admin

We spent a lot of time thinking about what features and abilities we wanted each of our stores to have. Our main focus was trying to reduce the number of clicks required from start to finish. Studies have shown that fewer clicks lead to more conversions and we wanted to make that a reality. We wanted our clients to be able to initiate a global gifting campaign in as short a time as possible, and with as little admin as possible.

Another way we tried to reduce the amount of admin required for a gifting campaign was by creating a JNI app that lives inside the Salesforce platform. This app, which is separate from the JNI Together web stores, enables our clients to send their branded swag using their extensive Salesforce contacts, and track the swag all from within the platform.

When we were developing Salesforce integration, there were a few key issues with global gifting campaigns that we wanted to solve for good. First, was the duplicate send. Our clients were reporting issues with sending duplicate gifts to prospects and employees, great for the prospects but expensive and unnecessary for our client. Our integrated app solves all that by automatically logging the event right within Salesforce.

Launching and tracking campaign-specific swag

Campaigns are a large part of using Salesforce. Salesforce allows its users to launch campaigns and then track these campaigns in real-time and with access to the very finest of details.

At JNI, we firmly believe that marketing and sales campaigns are incomplete without a gifting or merchandise strategy. And we have the statistics to support us:

  • More than 50% of consumers have a favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving a promotional product.

  • 20% of consumers are willing to repeat purchases with the advertiser after receiving a promotional giveaway.

  • About 58% of consumers will keep promotional giveaways for 1 to 4 years.

  • 8 out 10 people love receiving promotional giveaways while 7 out of 10 people find online advertising annoying.

  • 45% of consumers use a corporate giveaway at least once per day while 73% will use a promotional item at least once per week.

Our thinking behind the JNI -Salesforce integration was that we would be able to provide our clients with the sheer power of Salesforce campaigns as well as the thoughtful, delicate touch of a well-timed gift. In the era of WFH, this was even more effective than we could have possibly imagined.

Additionally, both our Salesforce apps and our JNIT webstores feature complete GDPR compliance. With large portions of the workforce conducting WFH, we knew it would be vitally important that all our web stores provided our clients with the ability to deliver their promotional swag into people’s homes without crossing any boundaries on privacy and data protection. We deal with a lot of high-profile brands and organisations, so we take this very, very seriously.

Online gifting for all

Not all of our clients are the type of company that are in the habit of launching global gifting campaigns and tracking the delivery of swag through Salesforce. A lot of our clients are local British businesses (or European businesses through JNI BV!) that don’t require global delivery.

That's where JNIT comes in.

When designing JNI Together, we wanted to provide benefits to our smaller clients. We wanted to show them that having a completely customisable web store would not only be affordable but would allow them to be more precise with their merchandise strategies.

For example, there has been a growing trend recently towards promotional conference packages. These packages, which can be sent out before a big Zoom conference call, have been proven to increase engagement in the meeting and increase attendance rates. Take a look at this Nutanix power-up kit that was sent out before a big conference.

Indeed, since the launch of JNI Together, we have helped plenty of our smaller clients to design their very own customisable web stores and populate these stores with their favourite and most popular bits of promotional merchandise. All of this at an extremely affordable price.


WFH is likely to continue long after the pandemic and our completely customisable web stores, built using our flagship JNI Together platform, are showing no signs of slowing down.

Over the course of 2020, and now into 2021, we have provided our clients, large and small, with seamless and integrated gifting strategies that generate millions if not billions of ad impressions and increase the likelihood of success for any marketing campaign.

We are so excited to continue developing JNIT and convert the software into the best global gifting software in the UK and Europe.

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