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SALESFORCE is now available as a supported platform on the JNI e-commerce store.

We are so excited to announce that our clients can now access the JNI e-commerce store through the Salesforce platform. This means that managing and reviewing promotional merchandise strategies takes only 3 clicks, saving our clients time and money.

We designed the application with several objectives in mind: we wanted to give our clients the ability to manage global marketing and gifting campaigns without having to leave Salesforce. Not only does this save time, because our clients no longer have to manually organise for promotional packages to be delivered to colleagues, it also saves money.

We helped one of our clients save $35,000, simply by localising their marketing strategy and using local currencies. We are one of the few promotional merchandise companies that offer a service as comprehensive as this.

If you want to find out more about exactly why we created the JNI Salesforce app, you can access our launch article here. In this article though, we will be explaining the specific functions of our Salesforce app and how you can get the most out of it.

How to use our app

Many of our customers are large, multinational corporations such as Zoom, Facebook, Spotify, and Blackberry. Large brands like this dedicate substantial amounts of time and money when organising multiple campaigns across multiple regions using multiple different currencies.

Our application significantly reduces that.

When we listened to our clients we found out that people were tired of going into Salesforce to find a contact, then going back out of Salesforce to access our site to find the perfect gift before going back into Salesforce and tracking it’s progress.

Now, you can navigate your Salesforce contact list and pick a contact that you would like to gift. Upon selecting the contact, a live list of available gifts from the JNI e-commerce store will appear. Select the perfect gift for the contact and the information will be automatically logged on Salesforce. No extra work or administrative tasks are required on your end. From there, our teams, located across the world, will take care of the rest.

Our launch video explains how to operate the JNI Salesforce app and what it could mean for your brand, but here is the detailed breakdown:

Step 1: When logged into Salesforce, hit the ‘Send gift’ button and select a Salesforce contact you would like to gift to.

Step 2: The button will take you to our live store where you will find a detailed breakdown of all our available gifts. Select a gift and confirm it.

Step 3: Once the gift has been sent, follow its progress without ever leaving the Salesforce platform.

For multinational brands and companies, this new feature really is a game-changer. The importance of tangible marketing has never been greater and with this app, users can connect people all over the world through thoughtful and well-timed gifts.

Extra Features

The JNI app isn’t just a great tool for streamlining your promotional strategy. It is also a great way of simplifying some of the administrative tasks involved with a tangible marketing strategy.

For example, if you want to restrict the ordering period of your gift to 30 days, or any other given time period, you can easily do that within the app. The app also gives you flexible validation rules so you can customise your campaign to suit whatever purpose.

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