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Product of the Month: Recycled Leather Notebook

We are proud to announce February's Product of the Month.

Every month at Jack Nadel International, we are fortunate enough to receive the latest and hottest new merchandise from our suppliers across the world. This February, there is one particular product that has heads turning.

That product is a sustainably sourced Recycled Leather Notebook. This product is designed with the eco-friendly note-taker in mind. By using leftover leather, this notebook helps to reduce unnecessary waste and sends the right message about the direction of your business.

This gorgeous twist on the old classic, the A5 notebook, has definitely taken us at Jack Nadel International in a new direction. Despite using unwanted cuts of leather from a variety of different sources, the notebook has that quality look and feel and there is nothing lost on the overall product.

The Notebook

As mentioned, the notebook is made from recycled leather and comes in size A5. Its size makes it convenient for slipping into your bag and bringing along wherever your business takes you.

Its size isn’t what distinguishes it from other sustainably sourced notebooks though. One of the main reasons this notebook is our Product of the Month is because of the way it feels. The ever-so-slight bumpy roughness from the recycled leather gives it a rugged but elegant feel.

The notebook comes in two colours. One is a light-tan shade of brown, which is vibrant and subtle at the same time. The other is a cool and clinical asphalt grey, perfect for the no-nonsense businessperson.

The delightful colouring doesn’t end at the front and back covers. Inside the notebook, there are 160 lined pages set in handsome cream colouring. Each page of this notebook is an absolute treat for tired, coffee-fuelled eyes.

Our Promise

At the very core of this notebook is a collaborative process that begins at the very start of the production line and only ends if you let it.

Recycled leather is made by gathering the shredded and discarded leather from the manufacturing of other leather products and mixing it together with a binding agent. The leather from various different animals is combined together to make a product that is more than the sum of its parts.

This collaborative journey continues when we at JNi get a hold of the notebook. Our promise to every supplier and every client is that we will take this gorgeous notebook and make it into something unique for your business and brand.

When your company logo is emblazoned on the earthy tones of this recycled leather notebook, we will have collaborated across three different business platforms to make something both beautiful and sustainable.

The collaborative process doesn’t end there though. It continues on through the teamwork of the notebook and its eventual owner. Whether it is used to take notes in a B2B meeting or acts as a diary for a busy CEO, this recycled leather notebook will continue to promote collaboration long after it has left the production line.

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