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Product of the Month in Conjunction with JNI’s Charitable Giveaway

Every month, we try our best to showcase some of what we consider to be the best branded merchandising products available to our clients. This month, what with the tumult and uncertainty that worries many of us still, we’re very happy to announce that we’ll be using June’s product to try and do some good.

We are offering all our existing clients the chance to claim one of our products of the month - the Buddy Cable described below - for free. In exchange all you have to do is choose a charity that we will then donate five pounds to.

We’ll discuss this charitable giveaway below but first a brief description of our branded merchandising product of the month.

Our Branded Product of the Month: The Buddy Cable

The Buddy Cable is the one item solution to all your charging needs. Shaped like the tiny travel companion you never knew you needed, the Buddy Cable fits easily into your pocket so that you can have it with you always.

It is both dual-input and dual-output. You can plug it into either a USB or a Type-C socket giving you ultimate freedom with regards to how you can use it. It is also built with both the 8-pin Apple output adapter and the Type-C USB adapter used on most new Android phones.

Designed by Xoopar, the Buddy Cable comes with a helix wire cable which stretches out far further than one might think. Despite that it fits easily on your person, you’ll not struggle with a limited cord-length.

Xoopar have also considered your clients’ commitment to a more environmentally conscious future. The Buddy Cable comes in a biodegradable plastic sleeve which is also handily sized to fit travel essentials if you don’t want to throw it away. It’s the perfect size for a passport holder if you’re that way inclined.

JNI’s pledge to support some of the charities most dear to us

In order to claim a free Cable Buddy, we’re offering our clients the option to choose between two wonderful charities that we will then donate to. They are both charities that are very dear to our hearts and that do wonderful things every day for some people who really appreciate the support.

In order to direct JNI’s donation all our clients need to do is follow a few easy steps. Click on the link we’ve sent you via email. This link will take you to our new JNI Together webstore, our virtual pop-up store designed to modify branded merchandising to this changing world, and put in your individual promo code.

Then, you need simply choose your charity and we’ll make the donation on your behalf.

If you want to learn more about our JNI Together store, click here to read an article on how it is helping brand-builders adapt to the changes of 2020.

Life on Tap

Jack Nadel International work very closely with Awaken Love for Africa. It is an organisation that has pledged to provide the means and know-how for the development of disadvantaged communities in Africa.

The Life on Tap project is a pledge made by Awaken Love for Africa to bring fresh drinking water to Ramba, a village in western Kenya.

Many of our employees have spent their considerable and enthusiastic efforts in providing for the inhabitants of Ramba over the years. If you haven’t heard about our work with Gideon’s Orphanage in western Kenya, you can do so here.

Until very recently, the inhabitants of Ramba had very limited access to clean drinking water. All donations to the Life on Tap foundation go toward ensuring that this access is improved and advanced upon, changing the lives of some of Africa’s most disadvantaged peoples.

Transporting Care

The Transporting Care foundation is a charity committed to providing free and safe transport options to the UK’s caregivers. In the midst of this Coronavirus, our care workers are often put at risk providing the services that many of our elderly and disadvantaged desperately need.

This wonderful organisation has pledged to make the concerns of these incredible people into their own.

To find out more about this wonderful not-for-profit foundation, you can follow this link to their facebook page.

These donations are desperately necessary

We’ve decided to donate to these incredible organisations on your behalf. All you need do is claim your handy Cable Buddy and we’ll do the rest.

So, if you’ve been sent one of our e-shot invites then please waste no time in claiming your free gift and choosing your charity.

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