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Branded Merchandise UK: Our Top Trending Sustainable Products for 2020

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Here at Jack Nadel International, we are constantly on the look-out for bold and exciting new ideas in the ever-changing world of branded merchandising. But bold doesn’t always mean better and exciting can sometimes walk hand-in-hand with unsustainable.

At the beginning of January this year, we went to the Promotional Product Industry’s event, with a very specific agenda: to find SWAG that’s attractive and useful whilst

remaining ethically sourced and sustainable.

The Bamboo Lanyard and the Green Grocery Bag

Two of our favourite products came from Midocean, one of Europe’s leading wholesalers in the promotional products industry. In keeping with the global shift toward a greener, less exploitative world, they’ve managed to produce two very exciting products.

A sustainable switch-up on a modern classic, Midocean’s new lanyard hasn’t got any plastic on it. Instead, they’ve managed to create a traditional breakaway clip out of flexible, and sustainable, bamboo.

The trusty lanyard will always have a place in merchandising. Making it out of ethically sourced materials makes it an even more appropriate giveaway. Especially for Undergrads that are far more likely to lose their keys than they are their commitment to halting climate change.

Midocean isn’t content with modernising an icon, however. They’ve also stepped in on a new must-have: the bring-it-from-home retail-standard grocery bag. The single-use plastic bag is on its way out, and the fruit and veg sack is filling its un-recyclable shoes.

Midocean’s sustainably sourced Green grocery bag is adorned with a label that can display any logo. As beneficial for shoppers as it is for corporations that want to demonstrate their eco-consciousness.

Bambook Reusable Notepad

Certain species of Bamboo can grow up to four feet a day. All that growing requires a lot of energy. As a result, Bamboo forests can produce 35% more oxygen than similarly sized groups of other trees.

It’s no surprise then that so many of our suppliers are switching to bamboo in an attempt to lessen the impact they’re having on the environment.

It started out as a school project, spearheaded by some enterprising teens. Now, the Bambook couples a focus on using sustainably sourced materials with an attempt to curb continuous consumption of our planet’s resources.

Instead of paper, the notepad is made of a whiteboard-style acrylic. With the pen and rubber provided, you can fill each of the six pages with plenty of notes and rub them off when they’re no longer needed.

If you do need your notes for longer, then the digitisation element of the Bambook app lets you do just that.

Green Power Chocolates

Chocolates. Where would the merchandising world (and humanity) be without chocolates? The ‘Green Power’ chocolates are made by a small company in Poland. The only existing one in the country to still make their products by hand.

Promotional chocolate is traditionally hard to get ‘just right’ from a cost and taste

perspective. However, these chocolates, from Chocolate Story, are real, dark, intense and made in-house with sustainably sourced cocoa beans. They’re doing sustainability how it was done centuries ago, but now it tastes better.

The SeaTowel from SEAQUAL

SEAQUAL’s admirable mission is to clean the ocean floors of the excess plastic that is constantly finding its way there via our planet’s waterways. It is a massive undertaking. One that involves global cooperation.

Using plastic, picked from the oceans by local fishermen, they recycle what they've reclaimed. What was once waste is turned first into pellets and then back into fibres and yarns that can be wound into the new SeaTowel.

As if that weren't enough, 5% of the profits they make go straight to The OceanCleanup - the largest cleanup in history.

The towels themselves come in a variety of blends. Either entirely comprised of recycled ocean debris or mixed with sustainably sourced natural fibres.

To see how JNI can help make your brand more sustainable, speak to one of our team


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