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Organic Cotton T-shirts: ‘A Great Way of Getting your Clients Into your Brand. Literally!’

As we march purposefully toward a more sustainable way of doing business, Jack Nadel International have become quite picky with regards to who we are willing to work with. We’ve started to look very closely at the environmental impact of and working conditions fostered by our suppliers.

There are very few who do things as well, with as little environmental impact, as our partners Stanley/Stella and B&C Collection.

Launched in 2012, Stanley/Stella strive to produce clothing that embodies the idea of respect. Respect for people, for the environment and for the customers that buy their products. They provide clothing that lives up to the customer’s expectation of it whilst ensuring good working practice and a reduced environmental impact.

The t-shirt will always be an important part of the merchandising industry. It was about time someone strove to produce something that married good quality materials with a conscientious business model.

B&C Collection are equally committed to producing clothing of the highest standard. Their crew necks, t-shirts and hoodies are all modelled on contemporary, urban styles and come in the bold colours that will really make your logo pop.

B&C’s t-shirts are also 100% organic cotton and they come with the Standard OKEO-TEX certification. That means they are certified free of harmful products.

Clothing that makes your client look good whilst keeping the planet looking good too.

The partnership we have with Stanley/Stella means that we at JNI can produce high-quality branded clothing that is sustainably sourced. The organic cotton t-shirts that we use as the backdrop for your brand’s logo are made with 71% less water and 63% less energy than normal tees.

Stanley/Stella work really closely with their manufacturing plants. They have fostered a close relationship with the 7 factories they work with in Dhaka. That closeness means they ensure a good working environment and the privilege of close professional ties.

The fabrics used are always chosen with respect to a strict set of criteria. None of the Stanley/Stella organic cotton tees that we provide are ever treated with pesticides or herbicides. Softness is always considered and, as such, it can be wholeheartedly guaranteed.

Stanley/Stella have five different eco-related certifications to go along with the other incredible achievements they have managed. And all this commitment to a greener, more ecological way of manufacturing clothing has not limited them in the scope of their product.

B&C Collection’s Organic range is similarly varied. With B&C, we’ve managed to find a supplier that is as concerned with the welfare of the environment as we are whilst also offering the different kinds of clothing our clients want.

B&C Collection’s range of organic t-shirts are perfect for any ambitious branding your organisation may desire. Whether it’s a bright, multicoloured design or a plastisol screen print, B&C’s t-shirts always come out looking great.

In fact, we at Jack Nadel International, can offer over 70 different colours of Stanley/Stella’s organic cotton t-shirts and a similar range of colours across hoodies, crew necks and t-shirts when it comes to B&C. That means you can have your logo on the best-matched backdrop for your logo.

If you’re looking for that promotional classic that looks good and also helps the planet then these Stanley/Stella and B&C organic t-shirts have it all sewn up.

If you want to see Stanley/Stella’s eco-friendly and stylish tees in action, and in their various eye-catching colours then watch the video below.

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