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Nutanix’s new range of socks, and some well-deserved recognition

This month we, at Jack Nadel International, want to showcase the latest range of socks we have produced for Nutanix, the cloud-computing company that pioneered the provision of professional hyperconverged infrastructure.

Before we start talking about this fantastic range of socks, we want to take a little time to congratulate the fantastic team at Jack Nadel International. Thanks to designs like those below, a great team work ethic and a variety of other incredible characteristics on show within our offices, JNI has won the UK Business Awards Gold Award for the best small to medium sized enterprise.

We're incredibly proud of this achievement. It comes off the back of some incredibly hard work. If you would like to watch the moment our CEO was given the award, click play on the video below.

Nutanix's new range of socks

Nutanix wanted a merchandising solution that better represented their identity. Recently having celebrated their 10-year anniversary, they wanted something exciting and modern, something eye-catching and vibrant, a product that is representative of a dynamic industry-leading software company.

Bold, eye-catching design for a modern, forward-thinking company

As you can see from the photographs, we took our brief – bold, brave, modern and vibrant – and brought it to life in these wonderful socks. Nutanix were very happy with the designs we presented them with and have gone ahead with a large order for them.

Thus far, we’ve sent Nutanix an order that is comprised of three different designs. No-show, ankle socks for summer use, the longer, formal-wear iteration and the thicker, white sport socks.

Commitment to quality

Regular readers might have seen our article on how the branded merchandising industry has changed over the years. If you haven’t, and are interested, then you can access that article here.

In this article, we discussed how consumers and brand-building professionals have acted as influence on what kinds of merchandising options are the industry standard. The sock, as well as branded clothing as a whole, has proven itself enduring. Whilst other crazes have come and gone, branded clothing remains and for good reason.

Branded clothing is a great way to build a company’s profile for the same reasons it’s so appealing to potential customers: it’s useful and fun. A branded pair of socks can accent your work-time attire, they can be a great way to show your support for a company, and they can help you out on laundry days (when you’ve run out of clean regular socks).

It used to be that case that branded clothing was made of the cheapest materials. The idea was that it was being given away for free so it might as well be as cheaply produced as possible.

At JNI, we’ve watched an almost industry-wide rejection of this model. Our clients, some of the globe’s most recognisable brands, would rather that their logo is emblazoned on quality, well-produced clothing. Those wearing them take greater pride in clothing of quality too.

Nutanix’s socks - comprised of 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane – are of noticeable quality. ‘Walking on clouds’, the slogan says, and walking on clouds is exactly how it feels.

A daring design

As can be seen from the photographs, we went for a very bold, eye-catching design. The stark colours should provide a perfect flash of vibrance for wearer’s with otherwise muted office attire.

We have also considered other factors that really make these socks stand apart.

The angular shapes are intended to be bold and edgy, just like the company they are designed to represent. Furthermore, our brilliant design team have levelled the Nutanix logo very specifically. It’s been placed in a position to be visible mid-way up the wearer’s shin. This way it ensures maximum visibility whilst not compromising on style.

Visitors to Nutanix's online store will be able to purchase either one pair of socks, a choice of the three different designs we have pictured, or a set of three.

We hope you have enjoyed our product of the month showcase. If your business needs a new and eye-catching revamp to its branded merchandising offering, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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