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Norton LifeLock’s new webstore: proof that ecommerce is the future of brand-building

With this month’s product review, we wanted to do something slightly different. While we will still assess and evaluate some of this month’s more exciting pieces of merch, we also wanted to explore a huge change to the way the industry has been operating.

Designs will alter of course, as they always will, based on the inventive ideas and creative expression of branded merchandising professionals. And we have continued to see our clients push for more sustainably sourced materials to be incorporated into the products they are willing to endorse.

But the favourites of the merchandising world – t-shirts, pens, hoodies, and electronic gadgets – remain unchanged in their popularity.

What has changed, however, is the method of delivery for these promotional products.

With physical meetups limited to 6-person soirees, the globe’s biggest brands can no longer use launch parties, networking events and festivals as the staging platform for their merchandising campaigns. Brand-builders, like the rest of us, have moved part of their lives online.

So, with this Product of the Month review, we will indeed focus on specific promotional products. But we will also take a greater look into one of the inventive ways big brands have adopted in their attempts to get their merchandise into British households.

Our Product(s) of the Month

Recently, the JNI design team have paired up with Norton LifeLock to produce a range of promotional pieces that appeal to their client base while also promoting the ideals that they believe in.

Norton, the world-famous cyber security firm, teamed up with LifeLock in 2019. They sought to combine Norton’s industry-leading approach to cyber protection with LifeLock’s expertise in the combatting of identity theft.

Norton LifeLock is a cutting-edge company with its roots firmly planted in the world of revolutionary tech. The range of products they sought from us represents this affiliation with modernity and its trappings.

The Smart Wireless Charging Pad is Qi wireless enabled and should therefore be compatible with most phones that support wireless charging. Its non-slip pads will ensure that your phone never slips from the charging position and its slim, disc-like design means it will fit easily into your bag: the perfect travel companion.

Norton LifeLock also saw fit to tie their brand with the Moyoo TouchPro TWS Bluetooth earbuds. With Bluetooth 5.0., touch control, auto connect features, metal touch buttons and great sound quality, this product truly feels and sounds premium.

Alongside, these quality gadgets, Norton LifeLock also saw fit to use their promotional campaign as a means of demonstrating their commitment to a more sustainable use of the planet’s resources.

This power bank contains a long-lasting grade A 5.000 mAh lithium polymer battery, has two USB ports and is made of natural wheat fibres mixed with ABS, a thermoplastic polymer. This power bank will keep your devices charged while you’re on the go. And it will do so with a reduced impact on the environment.

Lastly, we wanted to take a look at one of the products that aligns itself best with Norton LifeLock’s mission statement: the discreet webcam cover.

Increasingly, internet users are being warned – by professionals such as those at Norton LifeLock - of the ease with which hackers are able to access your personal computer’s webcam.

This handy, discreet gadget fits easily on most computers and is slim enough not to cause any issues when the lid of your laptop is closed.

The Norton LifeLock gift-giving webstore

The gift-giving webstore is the ecommerce solution to our current scarcity of physically attended events. While we are unable to hand out our logo-emblazoned merchandise, the need to build and maintain our brands persists.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s (ASI) annual report on advertising trends, branded merchandise is still one of the most-successful methods of brand-building. Considering factors such as ROI and the positivity with which marketing campaigns reflect on the reputation of the brand being advertised, merchandising consistently draws superior results to advertisements.

You can read our full report on the ASI findings here.

It is because of the overwhelming and continued success of branded merchandise as an advertising tool that some huge global brands have built themselves gift-giving platforms.

The gift-giving sites function as online marketplaces. However, instead of using their own money, those that are sent the URL for these webstores are also sent a voucher code. The webstore’s user then chooses which piece of branded merch they want most and the product is sent to their home.

It is a great method of rewarding hard-working employees or loyal customers. It’s entirely secure (with security Norton LifeLock would be proud of) and GDPR compliant. And it is a great way of getting your logo-emblazoned products out there.

If you want to read more about the gift-giving webstores, you can do so here.

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