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Myth Debunking: Branded Merchandise

If you’re reading this article, then you are probably interested in acquiring some memorable branded merchandise for your company or organisation. The industry is massively

overpopulated with thousands of similar companies which means it can be difficult to find a

company that pays attention to your needs. 

This article will debunk some of the common myths surrounding the industry whilst also

sharing some secrets of the trade. 

Promotional merchandise is always bad for the environment

The first myth is the idea that promotional merchandise is always bad for the environment.

Sure, if you go for the cheapest option then you may find yourself adding to the huge pile of

unnecessary junk polluting the environment. 

However, most good promotional merchandise companies are putting sustainably sourced

products at the top of their agendas. 

Sustainability is a mindset and branded merchandise allows the mindset to spread from the

corporate level down to the individual. When you buy sustainable merchandise, you spread

this message, as well as your brand. 

All promotional merchandise companies offer the same service

A quick Google search for ‘promotional merchandising’ will reveal a multitude of copycat

merchandising companies offering similar services with little to no transparency. Indeed, the

service offered by these companies will be very similar. 

However, there are also various companies who care about the service and seek to

collaborate with each client and act as an extension of their marketing department/s to

create remarkable and engaging products. 

Promotional merchandise companies only sell gimmicky pens and cheap mugs

Don’t get me wrong, pens and mugs are timeless classics which are great for creating

impressions. They are useful and memorable and stick around for a long time, allowing your

brand to strengthen. However, a good merchandising company will offer much more than

just pens, mugs and t-shirts. 

We think outside-the-box with our clients, and this collaboration results in the creation of new and effective methods of strengthening their brand. For example, cork passport covers,

branded speakers and aluminium cardholders are just a few examples of memorable and

useful forms of promotional merchandise. 

Promotional products provide just seconds of fun before being thrown away

A thoughtless and rushed branded merchandise strategy often leads to a build-up of

unwanted pens and t-shirts that either don’t work or are simply unwanted. 

That’s what happens when you don’t collaborate with industry professionals on your

products. A good promotional merchandise company understands the need for lasting

memorabilia and will ensure that products live long in the memory. 

Now that we’ve covered the most common myths surrounding branded merchandise, let’s

look at two of the most important facts.

Branded merchandise is a form of marketing and is often cheaper and more impactful than TV or radio advertising

Promotional merchandising is a versatile tool to spread your company’s brand. Products can

be used as welcome gifts to new employees, employee appreciation gifts, customer loyalty

items, event giveaways, and sales incentives. 

Durable and useful branded merchandise (that don’t add to environmental waste!) live long

in the memory of the consumer. 

Promotional merchandising companies promote charities in developing countries

The best promotional merchandising companies like to give back to communities and social

enterprises that need it. Whether it's through the use of sustainably sourced products from environmentally conscious suppliers or through the support of less-fortunate communities across the world. 

Here at Jack Nadel International, we implore all of our clients to seek out sustainable

products and to help us in our ongoing support for Awaken Love For Africa, a charity that

supports the less fortunate in Kenya.

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