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JNI Together is our webstore helping recruiters find the perfect candidate during the pandemic.

A few weeks ago, we posted an article to our website which explained how tangible marketing, such as the use of promotional merchandise, was set to experience a boom as businesses responded to the changes caused by Covid-19. You can read that article here.

That article was read by hundreds of people. Clearly, those in the marketing world have noticed the paradigm shift and are seeking new ways of being competitive and building a strong and lasting brand.

Part of our process has been the launch of our online store, JNI Together, which is designed to accompany virtual events and help with boosting attendance and engagement. If you didn’t get a chance to read that article, you can access it here.

This week, our focus has shifted to one of the UK’s key industries - recruiters. In this article, we explain how JNI Together can help recruiters find the best candidates without even having to meet them.

High-value candidates for high-value roles

For recruiters, high-value candidates are the holy grail of their, oftentimes, busy and hectic world. High-value candidates fetch the largest commission and greatly benefit the yearly earnings of the recruiter who successfully places them.

The problem with high-value candidates is that they are often extremely desirable, and this can make it hard to tie them down, especially during the pandemic when it is difficult to meet face-to-face. Thankfully, JNI Together can help with that.

We have designed JNI Together so that it is simple to use and people all over the world can be sent gifts and merchandise quickly and easily. We think that JNI Together can be used by recruiters to send poignant and timely merchandise items that will help shape the final decision of the candidate.

Helping candidates through the interview process

Another useful feature of the JNI Together store is its ability to boost attendance and engagement at virtual interviews, conferences and workshops. For recruiters of all levels, this is an amazing tool if used correctly.

Here’s why.

One of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters is when they have found a candidate who, on paper, is perfect for the role in question but, when it gets to the interview stage, they don’t deliver. In some instances, this is because the candidate was a poor fit for the role. In other instances, it’s because the candidate was ill-prepared for the interview questions.

Preparing candidates for interviews is a huge part of the recruitment process. During lockdown, it has become even harder as this stage has to be done virtually. That is where JNI Together comes in. JNI Together has been proven to boost engagement by rewarding people with gifts for attendance.

When recruiters use the JNI Together store, they are able to set up virtual workshops for their candidates. During these workshops, recruiters can train prospective candidates on how exactly to excel at the interview. Upon completion of each stage, the candidate could be rewarded with a gift and so they are incentivised to complete the workshop.

We think JNI Together will be a powerful tool that will help recruiters to make their candidates even more competitive when they get to the interview stage.

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