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JNI on Diversity: Our commitment, how we measure ourselves and where we are going

Jack Nadel International, as the name suggests, operates all over the world with many operational bases in the US. In July of this year, one of our partners across the pond, DG Fulfilment - a distribution and fulfilment firm -, were very proud to announce their certification as a Women Owned Business Enterprise.

Business, its day-to-day operational realities and the ownership of its main players, has traditionally been a male-dominated terrain. The business world is, however, making great strides toward offering equal opportunity for all. As we strive towards this, WBE and MBE (Minority-owned Business Enterprise) certifications are a great way to understand what kind of partners we are working with. They also help us to measure and monitor how close we are to achieving true equality of opportunity.

Well-deserved recognition

Prompted by the encouragement we gained from DG Fulfilment’s well-deserved recognition, and in order to draw attention to the importance of our continued commitment to achieving equal opportunity for all, we wanted to use this week’s article to speak a little bit about how we, at JNI London, demonstrate that commitment, how we measure ourselves in our attempt to achieve it, and what plans we have set in place for the future.

Our philosophy with regards to opportunity is simple. We commit ourselves to the creation of an environment where all individuals are recruited, appraised, trained and promoted on the basis of fairness, professional competence, and competition.

In our Humans of JNI profile series - which you can access here - and in the great video below - in which the smiling faces of our JNI family can be seen wishing our lovely Valerie a happy birthday - you can see that our philosophy is more than a promise of professionalism. It is a lived reality. We have managed to create a truly diverse working environment, a melting pot of different cultures that fosters creativity and brings different people closer together.

Committing to the future we deserve

We know, of course, that we can always do better. With the launch of our first ever Corporate and Social responsibility report this year, we codified our policy on diversity and equal opportunities. In the publishing of this document, we laid down a promise to ourselves, a standard by which we can measure our progress. In this document, you can see our commitment.

We also know the importance of sharing our successes. In their ability to inspire and educate, in the proof of possibilities that our successes make clear, we may be able to encourage younger generations to strive for what they might not presume possible.

We are very happy with the recognition our UK offices have received from independent adjudicators. Earlier this year, we were delighted to receive the UK Business Awards’ Gold award for the best small- to medium-sized business. The award process involved a deep-dive into how we promote best practice and individual and professional growth within our offices.

This was added to our ‘Ones to Watch’ accreditation from the European Business Awards of 2019, an award which considers ethical practice, and the numerous certifications for Women in Business that our CEO, Elizabeth Venz, has been awarded.

We hope that these awards be used as a benchmark for both ourselves - in order that we continue to strive toward a more equitable working world - and as validation to young people who mightn’t think that the world offers them much of an opportunity to achieve their potential.

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