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JNI Launches the First Single-Platform, Global E-Commerce Solution for Branded Merchandise

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

London, June 20 2019 - Jack Nadel International (JNI), a leader in the brand merchandise industry launches the first digital, internationalised e-commerce single-platform for customers wanting to manage their own branded merchandise needs globally.

This powerful USP provides JNI’s customers with immediate visibility of all promotional order activities using a real-time dashboard, automated reporting, downloadable Excel reports, and multi-currency rates covering the America’s, EMEA, India, APAC and Australasia. It is easy to use, mobile, fast to set up and integrates with any in-house system. And, with a robust network of 5,000 suppliers from all over the world, JNI can source and turn around any order for the most inventive, eco-friendly sustainable products available in territory. From bamboo speakers to bio-degradable pens, to quality organic cotton clothing to Tumi bags, JNI can source, warehouse and expedite orders in any part of the world. With such innovative technology, branding your product collection has never been simpler.

Jack Nadel International (JNI), a frontrunner in brand merchandising, was founded in 1953 by American philanthropist Jack Nadel and has 23 offices in the USA with a global turnover of $130 million. Operating as a separate Limited company, JNI in London is headed by President International Elizabeth Venz who oversees all business outside the USA. With additional international offices and warehousing in Athens, Sydney, Amsterdam, Delhi and Hong Kong, JNI London handles all business originating from Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia.

It is a one-stop shop for all customer’s international branded merchandise needs,” says Venz. “From webstore management and reporting to storage, fulfilment and logistics to local product sourcing and procurement, this new single-platform interface is a game changer in this industry, allowing customers to instantly manage their own branded merchandise activities using a real-time dashboard displaying every territory,” she adds.

Venz identified the need to develop an international digital single-platform when major Silicon Valley clients were looking to distribute their corporate merchandise globally but were unhappy about investing in complicated over-priced e-commerce packages while spending huge chunks of budget shipping product around the world. Their digital e-commerce platform was designed and built in full collaboration with the JNI team, the goal was to develop a system that incorporated the features needed for the global brand merchandise environment. Within two years, JNI has an internationalized e-commerce system that provides a faster, more efficient service to clients but without the excessive cost of international shipping, customs and taxes. Customers can now enjoy a seamless delivery of their branded merchandise, integrated all on the same single-platform, using JNI’s international warehouse network and support teams to oversee all transactions and deliveries, through customs and across borders.

Within one-year of implementation, customers are already recognising the value and, as more top companies flock to the platform and expand their strategies, the system has evolved to match the custom requirements for employee stores, internal/external marketing stores, company stores, recruitment events and trade shows as well as simple redemptions,” says Chris Hall JNI’s Operations Director. Now, with over 50 global stores and tens of thousands of orders, JNI is able to cover all major markets for the world’s most prestigious brands.

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