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JNI in Africa: Life-saving donations used to buy food for Coronavirus hit village of Ramba

Last week, we published an article on the latest developments in Ramba, Western Kenya. Unfortunately, with the affects of the Coronavirus ongoing this rural village in East Africa was hit by flash-flooding.

Thanks to donations from many JNI employees, as well as the good work done by those out in Kenya, houses that were lost have now been replaced. You can read the full story here.

This week, however, we wanted to devote a little time to talking about the Coronavirus countermeasures and how they have affected other elements of life in Ramba.

As many of our regular readers will know, JNI employees have worked consistently and enthusiastically with the not-for-profit organisation Awaken Love for Africa these past years. The goal: to build for Ramba the means for it to provide for itself.

Initial work started around Gideon’s Orphanage, a place that has grown to be a centre of the community. Gideon’s provides a home for disadvantaged children, a sanctuary for widowed mothers and, as of recently, a stable source of clean water for itself and many of its neighbours.

This project has been helped by so many individuals. However, at its head, leading operations from the ground, is Newton Atela, the director of Gideon’s Orphanage.

Fortunately for Newton, and for the many people that call Gideon’s home, there have been no reported cases of the Coronavirus in Ramba. It’s gradual encroachment across the country is still a cause for concern though, and there have been reports of sufferers in the nearby city of Kisumu.

However, what scares Newton more than the virus itself is how the countermeasures might affect the rural way of living in Ramba. Many of the village’s inhabitants are wholly reliant on open food markets for their sustenance. These have been closed in an attempt to curb the virus’ spread.

In response and with the supplies at Gideon’s dwindling, Newton was forced to make an urgent appeal for help.

Life-saving donations

After learning about the potentially fatal affects these closures could have on Gideon’s and neighbouring villagers, JNI’s employees pitched in with a donation that helped fund the replenishment of the orphanage’s storerooms and then some.

The size of the donation was such that, with the storerooms refilled, the directors at Gideon’s announced that they would offer what remainder they had to their neighbours. The day following their announcement, and before many at the Orphanage had even awoke, a queue of some 300 or so people awaited Gideon’s opening, hoping for a much-needed source of food.

The number of needful supplicants surprised those that were gathered; it was a chilling indication of just how many hungry mouths there were to feed in Ramba. However, this story is a happy one.

Newton and the other caring people that help out around Gideon’s were happy to announce that no person left without their much-needed food.

A big thank you to the JNI Family

Many of our team continued their longstanding commitment to the advancement of Ramba’s inhabitants with life-changing donations and all of these incredible people deserve special praise.

Josh and Mallory

This time around we wanted to make a special mention of the Ebrahemis and Shannon Dolce-Winch.

The donations made by Josh and Mallory Ebrahemi, in conjunction with that made by Shannon, were a huge part of the reason Gideon’s was able to provide for their neighbours.

Thank you to Josh, Mallory, Shannon, and everyone else who pitched in. Your endeavour and donations have truly been life-saving!

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