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Jack Nadel x Oddbox: A Much-Needed Collaboration In This Troubling Time

This month, at Jack Nadel International, we are proud to announce a new and exciting

collaboration with Oddbox which could see a much-needed, free fruit delivery land on your doorstep, or the doorstep of a loved one.

If you haven't heard of Oddbox...

Oddbox deliver wonky and misshapen fruit in a bid to reduce food wastage. They are a business founded on the principles of sustainability and that’s what we love about them.

Now, they deliver over 25,000 boxes to households across London and that number is

growing. As part of our collaboration with Oddbox, during the month of March, for any order

over £1500, we will send out an Oddbox full of delicious fruit and veg to whomever you


In this troubling time, a delivery of delicious, wonky fruit and veg could be exactly what an

elderly or sick loved one needs.

Product of the Month

On the subject of fruit and veg, our Product of the Month is the nifty and sustainable cotton

produce bag made by Elasto. The era of single-use plastic is coming to an end. People

everywhere are coming to realise the damage that plastic is causing to our environment.

This cotton drawstring bag is designed to substitute and improve on the experience provided by single-use plastic bags.

As mentioned, the produce bag is made from 100% cotton and comes in a creamy pastel

tone, perfect for both subtle and bold branding. One side of the bag is a thick cotton lining

providing the bag with a strengthened exterior for those big grocery shops. This is where

your brand will be displayed.

The other side of the bag is lined with cotton mesh. Its net-like structure provides the perfect level of transparency allowing the user to see exactly what they have placed in their bag.

With a load capacity of up to 5kg, the bag can hold large amounts of fruit and vegetables

without affecting its structural integrity. For those who are worried about hygiene, cotton

bags are extremely easy to wash. Just throw them into your washing machine with your

other cotton items.

The cotton produce bag ties in perfectly with our promotion with Oddbox. Now is the

perfect time to display your logo on a useful, everyday tool like a produce bag.

Remember, for orders over £1500, we will send out an Oddbox of fruit and veg to

whomever you choose.

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