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Jack Nadel International Launch Native Pop-Up for Salesforce CRM Platform

Over the last few months at Jack Nadel International, we have been busy creating an integrated JN multi-region application for the Salesforce CRM platform.

This will provide JNi customers with effortless access to their global store within Salesforce, meaning streamlined management and automation of their marketing and gifting campaigns across the globe. All of this, we believe, will lead to increased productivity and revenue generation for all our customers.

How does it work?

The native Salesforce application will allow customers to create new merchandising strategies and, track existing ones all in one intuitive multi-region platform.

When you use the Jack Nadel International app through Salesforce, you will be able to enjoy a completely consolidated and automated process. There will be no need to ever leave Salesforce.

Before the launch of the app, our clients complained that they had to spend long and laborious hours taking contact information off Salesforce and then manually sending a promotional package to each contact on their store before returning to Salesforce to log and track it.

Now, a swift and automated process within Salesforce will allow any relevant leads or contacts to be sent gifts or merchandise from JNI’s global warehouse network at the click of a button, with tracking information coming straight back from the store upon dispatch.

The ‘Send Gift’ feature we have added makes sending your branded merchandise a piece of cake. Just select what products you want sending, find the right contacts on the Salesforce contact list and away it goes.

We hope this allows our customers to focus on their business priorities and allow us to create memorable and lasting branded merchandise.

Why did we do it?

The launch of this app allows our customers to maintain control and track changes across the whole world. Whether it is in the Americas, EMEA or APAC, the consolidated platform will make light work of regional differences.

JNi London’s Confablo platform already allows customers to create a local merchandise collection in any region. Furthermore, this collection can be custom-made for a region, stored in that region, and shipped around that region. The new Salesforce app expands and simplifies this service.

By localising our entire process - creating local teams at a local time for local events - we were able to save one of our clients $35,000 in the first month of working together.

Jack Nadel International is a global platform. With clients all over the world, who operate all over the world, it is important that we provide an easy way of doing business.

The Salesforce app builds on the Confablo eCommerce platform by creating multiple hubs in multiple regions dealing in multiple currencies. With all the information in one cloud computing software, it has never been easier to create an engaging branded merchandise campaign.

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