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Jack Nadel In Africa: Getting An Education at Gideon’s Orphanage

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Gideon’s Orphanage began as one family’s mission to improve the lives of some of western Kenya’s most disadvantaged children. When Newton Atela and his wife, Caroline Weda, opened their home to orphans in the village of Ramba, they could not have guessed at the change they would one day bring to the area.

Gideon’s has grown exponentially since that day in 2009. With the help of organisations such as Awaken Love for Africa and with the hard-work and compassion of many employees here at Jack Nadel International, the orphanage is now something unrecognisable.

On the property visitors can see dormitory’s for local widowed mothers, a fully functioning fresh-water borehole (as well as adjoining vegetable patch), and, as of 2013, working secondary school classrooms.

The dormitories provide safe haven to their occupants. They also allow for the opportunity to bring in local and experienced childminders to the often-understaffed orphanage. The importance of the borehole and veggie patch can also not be underestimated (and you can read more about them here).

The classrooms, however, are something all those at Gideon’s are especially proud of.

Educating a Generation

The orphanage has done incredible things for the varied peoples affiliated with it.

One of the most heart-warmingly powerful of those influences has been the chance of an education that it has offered to its students.

The secondary school classrooms, furnished for Gideon’s through the help of life-changing donations, have given those that could otherwise not afford one an invaluable education.

Currently, Gideon’s has some fifty or so of its former wards attending either college or university. Those pictured below are the latest cohort of school leavers heading for higher education.

Due to the great work done by Newton and Caroline, and with the help of donations and organisations such as Awaken Love for Africa, Gideon’s children, can expect an education they might otherwise not have had access to.

Jack Nadel Employees Making a Lasting Impact

The fortunate students who are given the opportunity to pass through the school halls at Gideon’s do so off the back of donations. Education requires funding and, despite the self-sufficiency of Gideon’s, resources are hard to come by in western Kenya.

Many of the students are clothed, fed and funded by donations from our employees here at Jack Nadel. The project that Newton and Caroline have started is something that our company cares passionately about.

We are very proud of all our employees and the great things that they have accomplished. But, unfortunately, there is always more to be done. There are clear benefits gained by having access to an education, this article offers a great example. So, if you want to make a donation to the Awaken Love for Africa foundation then follow the instructions below.

There are millions of young girls and boys just like those at Gideon’s. Children who are suffering through no fault of their own. If you want to help them find their path to a brighter future, text JOY to 70085 and donate £5 per month. A small sum for a life-changing contribution.

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