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Jack Nadel in Africa: Children from Gideon's Orphanage Deliver Food Packages to Isolated Communities

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

As many of you will know, many employees at Jack Nadel International, in partnership with Awaken Love For Africa, have invested time and money towards the development of Gideon’s Orphanage in Western Kenya. The orphanage is a safe haven for malnourished, mistreated and orphaned children throughout the area.

Recently, however, the orphanage has experienced an influx of old and vulnerable individuals who are struggling under the new Coronavirus regulations.

In addition to a strict curfew in place, the Kenyan government has ordered marketplaces to be shut down to prevent large gatherings. For many, the marketplace is the heart and soul of the community.

Whilst these restrictions are entirely necessary, it is important that the stories of these isolated individuals are being told so they can get the help they need.

Justine Kamire’s Story

A few days ago, the residents of Gideon’s were shocked to see the tired and hunched form of Justine walking into town. Justine is well over 70 years old and can no longer walk the way she used to.

She had just walked 7 kilometres from where she lives. It took her 3 hours. Justine does not have the means to access or even use a car. The marketplace she gets all her food from has been shut down and her younger relatives have been instructed to stay away from those who are most at-risk.

Justine’s decision to walk 7 kilometres in the hot sun was one of desperation. She hadn’t eaten anything in 2 days - she was hungry and had no idea when her next meal would arrive.

There are so many individuals in situations just like Justine’s. It is truly heart-breaking to think of the many older individuals who are confused and alone at a time like this.

Thankfully, Newton Atela and Sophie McLachlan from Awaken Love For Africa, have been able to open the orphanage’s doors to individuals like Justine, just like they did for the many orphans of the area all those years ago. Newton is worried that many more people will die of starvation due to the government’s restrictions than will die of Coronavirus.

How You Can Help

Over the years, Jack Nadel International has been establishing and solidifying a strong relationship with Gideon’s Orphanage and Awaken Love For Africa which has resulted in extremely generous donations from many JNI employees from the US and the UK. We have forged bonds and relationships that span across entire continents.

Clearly, it is a time of great uncertainty and we will do all we can to help Newton and the rest of his team in any way that we can.

Many people involved in the JNI community already sponsor various kids at the orphanage. Recently, however, the situation calls for a new approach. Many at Jack Nadel International, including CEO Elizabeth Venz, have already made donations that will be hugely important in the weeks and months to come.

These donations will allow the orphanage to create food packages of maize and other staple goods. These packages will be delivered to vulnerable and isolated people in the nearby communities by the children of the orphanage.

People across the world, in developing and developed countries both, are struggling right now. Coronavirus is bringing with it a great deal of emotional, financial and health-related issues.

We all need to come together as a global community to look out for those who will be worst affected by the virus. We need to look out for those whose very lives are at stake. Justine was just about strong enough to complete her 7-kilometer trek to the orphanage but there are many more who may not have it in them.

Thanks to Justine, the issue has been brought to the attention of Newton and also to us here at JNI. Her courageous act could change the fortunes of many others.

If you want to help the community around Gideon’s Orphanage through this troubling time, text JOY to 70085 and donate £5 per month. A small sum for a life-changing contribution.

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