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Jack Nadel in Africa: Elizabeth's Story

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Over the last 10 years, Jack Nadel International EMEA has gone through some serious changes. The most recent PSI showcased the popularity and innovation of new sustainably-sourced products.

We no longer live in a world of mindless growth and pursuit of profit. Now, we live in a world where corporate success is based on how much we give back to our planet.

Along with our committed stance on sustainable products, Jack Nadel has partnered with Awaken Love For Africa, a UK-based charity that operates in Western Kenya. As part of this partnership, Jack Nadel provides support and funding to Gideon’s Orphanage where over 350 orphaned children seek a new and prosperous life.

Gideon’s Orphanage

Gideon’s Orphanage was created in 2007 when Newton Atela and his wife Caroline took in 32 children and personally cared for them in their own home. It wasn’t until 2009 when Awaken Love For Africa partnered up with Newton and his wife and the orphanage has grown steadily since then.

The facilities at Gideon’s Orphanage have drastically improved over time and many of the young orphans can hope to get a decent level of education. Furthermore, due to partnering with Western organisations, many orphans can hope to be sponsored by kind people from all over the world.

In the UK, the idea of being in an orphanage is not a positive one. However, in this part of Western Kenya, many of the orphaned kids have a much better standard of living at Gideon’s than anywhere else.

For a little girl called Elizabeth, this became very obvious to us at Jack Nadel International.

Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth is a young, happy girl living at the orphanage. She has many friends and can always be spotted with a huge smile on her face. However, not long ago, her story was very different.

We found Elizabeth starving and afraid in a small mud-hut in Western Kenya. She was living with her parents, who were also showing signs of starvation. Her father was abusive and Elizabeth herself was devoid of emotion.

Elizabeth’s mother was desperate for Elizabeth to be taken away. She had no means of feeding her daughter and she knew that Gideon’s Orphanage would be able to offer her daughter a better life.

So, she was taken to the orphanage. There, she was cleaned, fed and given some new clothes and new shoes. During her second day at Gideon’s, Elizabeth was spotted running around with a group of friends, laughing and playing like any normal child.

For many kids, the orphanage is a miracle. It is a place where unfortunate children can feel safe, make friends, learn and carve out a better future for themselves. There are so many kids like Elizabeth who are waiting to be taken out of their terrible conditions and be given a brighter future.

A few weeks after Elizabeth’s arrival, she had shown herself to be a happy and gregarious young girl with many friends. The orphanage made the decision to take Elizabeth back to see her parents for a short visit. Upon returning to her old home, Elizabeth began to shake violently. Her new happy disposition disappeared and was replaced by the old Elizabeth, the Elizabeth we found many weeks earlier.

Clearly, Elizabeth’s upbringing had been one of terror and malnutrition and even the sight of her old home brought back uncomfortable memories.

It fills us with anguish to think that there are millions of young children like Elizabeth, suffering through no fault of their own. That's why we have made it our mission at Jack Nadel International to keep supporting Gideon’s Orphanage and the children that live there.

Now, Elizabeth is a hard-working student enrolled at a school near the orphanage. The education she receives will help her to get a job and become independent. As of right now, Elizabeth wants to be a nurse so she can help those who still find themselves in unfortunate situations.

There are millions of young girls and boys just like Elizabeth who are suffering through no fault of their own. If you want to help them find their path to a brighter future, text JOY to 70085 and donate £5 per month. A small sum for a life-changing contribution.

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