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Humans of JNI: Michelle Shafer

Born and raised in Ohio, I started exploring my creative side at a young age with arts and crafts, dance classes, and musical instruments. During my college years, I realized the joy of working with my hands to design and create unique products. That’s where I developed my ability to visualize potential projects and plan how to make them come to life.

Upon graduating college, I stumbled into the promotional industry. I was hired to handle selling and producing custom promotional product orders displaying logos. Fortunately, and in a very short time period, I realized I could apply my creativity to decorating products with client logos.

During my time at JNI, I have had the pleasure to work with a wide range of clients; from some smaller businesses to large Fortune 500 Companies.

My project experiences show a similarly diverse range. I’ve led small local client events and I’ve supported a complete company rebrand (which, on its launch day cost the firm a total of $1 million). It was that project, actually, that led to my being recognized as vendor of the year.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to be able to build my career in the promotional industry. I am proud to create unique products which represent my client’s brand. What I do touches lives.

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