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Humans of JNI: Magdi Votavova

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I grew up in Czechia which, to most here in Britain, is better known as the Czech Republic. During my childhood, it was a communist country and we could only get access to bananas twice every year.

In 2005, I left Czechia and arrived in London with 34 kilograms worth of luggage. I did the journey on a coach because I couldn’t afford the plane ticket and, when I arrived, I couldn’t speak any English. I started off working as a cleaner.

Eventually, I worked my way into the branded promotional gift industry. That was 6 years ago now and my break came completely by chance! It wasn’t easy in the beginning but there were certainly some memorable moments. A conference in Nashville USA was a definite highlight. It was the last Jack Nadel University Conference and my presentation won the applause of my colleagues, 250 of whom were there to watch my presentation.

I am a straightforward person and I’m very passionate about my clients’ brands. I feel very at home in the branded merchandising world.

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