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Humans of JNI: Joe Baxter

Hi, I’m Joe and, up until the pandemic hit, I was dedicating all of my time to being a singer and a songwriter.

With the arts and their expression halted right now, I’ve had to put following that particular aspiration on pause. But I don’t want people to be sad reading that. Singing, song writing, performing: that’s one dream, but I have many more. This Coronavirus, for all the damage its caused, has given me the chance to pivot a little. I’m considering it an opportunity, a chance to try my hand at something new.

So, when we locked down the first time, my cousin and I started our own company: White & Green. As of right now, we sell environmentally friendly, ethically-incentivised loo rolls. Our loo rolls are made entirely of bamboo, come with no plastic packaging and every box ordered provides a year’s worth of drinking water to a community of those that currently can’t access it.

The plan, eventually, is to diversify our product range. Our rolls are many things, they’re good for the environment and they’re doing some good for those that need a little help, but they’re also stylish. We took inspiration for the packaging from the bold minimalism popular in Scandinavian interior design. Moving forward, we want to make more bathroom products that are in keeping with this aesthetic and continue to do some good. It’s very exciting right now, and I’m really enjoying being a part of it.

White & Green is, actually, how I came into contact with JNI. They decided to pick us up as a supplier and, soon after, asked if I would like to come on board part-time. I couldn’t really say no. It was a chance to learn more about sales, gain some new experiences in industry and work with some great people.

I love people, I really do. I enjoy meeting them, learning about them, coming to care for them. I think, ultimately, there are few pursuits more noble than having a positive influence on the lives you interact with. And that’s quite hard right now, with the country locked down and all of us a little more isolated than we would be.

If I can finish this post with a message it’d be that there are some people out there who need a real friend right now. It’s worth remembering that.

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