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Humans of JNI: Jamie Allinson

I’m Jamie and I grew up in the north-east of England, in Hexham which is near Newcastle. I had a great childhood and really enjoyed living in the area. So much so, in fact, that when Leeds University offered me the chance to do a foundation course based in Newcastle, I took it.

I studied Sports and Business management for my degree and it took me into a variety of different roles post-uni. Each job was different but they all had some element of sales mixed-in and I found I really enjoyed that part of the professional world.

After Uni, I moved to Sheffield. I worked in promotions there and really liked the city. Where I lived, it was quite rural; it felt a little like I was in the countryside. I lived there for five years before moving down to London. I was looking for a challenge, for something bigger, but I will always remember Sheffield fondly. It’s where my favourite boxer, Kell Brook, grew up.

What I really like about the promotional merchandising world and my role on the new business team, is that it can often be creative. At JNI, we work closely with our clients. We sometimes help them with rebranding and planning for new strategies and, when your decision shapes something that much of the world will see, it can feel great.

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