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Humans of JNI: David Vinayagalingam

I was born in London to one Swedish and one Sri Lankan parent and, although my life started and is currently based here in the UK, I spent most of my wonder years in Canada. My parents raised me across the pond and various adventures kept me busy before I eventually returned to London in 2005. I did so on a one-way ticket and a prayer, excited by a sense of adventure, exploration and ready for the challenge.

When I landed, I did so with an honours degree in Architecture and experience in both graphic design and advertising. In many ways, I was primed for the wonderful world of promotional merchandising, however as an industry professional also know it’s a constant learning curve with product changes and development.

In my early days with JNI, I got experience in warehouse management, learnt the tricks of the eStore trade and expanded on my knowledge of marketing with merchandise. Now, I head up key client accounts; it’s my job to keep our partners up-to-date with and excited by the ever-expanding world of merch.

With my free time, I work on little design projects or scour the city’s second-hand shops for interesting vintage items. I enjoy socialising and dancing, and can often be found at it into the early hours of the morning. But, mostly, I spend time with my twin daughters. They’re fraternal twins – 1 blonde blue eyed and 1 brunette brown eyed - and, as the only man in the house, it falls to me to show them what boys are like and how to keep them disgusted by any. ;)

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