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Humans of JNI: Ben Verweij

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I’m Ben and I was raised in Dubai. I lived there for the first 13 years of my life and I came to the UK by myself, first for boarding school and, later, university.

I like to think that those experiences made me very independent. From 13 onwards I’ve been very happy paving my own way.

My father is originally from Amsterdam and my Mum comes from the UK, although she did live in the Middle East. My upbringing and the closeness with my parents brought me into close contact with several varied and interesting cultures.

I got into the promotional products industry through an approach made to me on LinkedIn. I didn’t know much about the industry back then but I did know that I loved customers. And now, I’ve got a new love: the whole branded merchandise marketing side of things.

My Dad has been a salesman all his life, so sales was a big factor in my childhood. Initially, I did interviews for other jobs in the same industry and I was also looking at sales role at Fulham Football Club, but ultimately, I fell in love with the team at JNI.

Chris Dawson and Simon Patnick were a particularly big influence on my decision – the sales training they gave me is fantastic and the team atmosphere, even in this crisis, is truly wonderful.

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