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Hugely Successful POWER-UP Kit: A New Merchandising Favourite

In recent months, Jack Nadel International has been working alongside Nutanix to create an innovative and unique merchandising strategy - the POWER-UP kit. It is functional and versatile and is a fantastic example of how JNI does promotional strategy differently.

Nutanix is a leading cloud computing company that sells hyper-converged infrastructure software and cloud services. Nutanix pride themselves on ‘leading the pack’ and we wanted to make that clear in their merchandising strategy.

The POWER-UP kit is a clear example of Nutanix’s leading position and at JNI we wanted to deliver on their objectives.

What is it?

The POWER-UP kit is a sleek, exquisitely branded box made from sustainable cardboard packaging.

Nutanix wanted their brand to be represented by a cool, lagoon blue with the POWER-UP logo emblazoned on the front. We think it came out looking superb and is definitely an eye-catching accessory.

The box is small enough to be easily transported in large numbers and is perfect for mass delivery to events where Nutanix wants to make an impression.

What does it do?

The kit is an extremely versatile merchandising tool because it can be updated and altered with each use. The box has enough space inside to store a number of merchandising goodies that people can get excited about.

For example, some potential items that could go inside include:

● Webcam covers

● Charging cables

● Company pens

● Company lanyards

● Branded sweets (chocolates or mints)

The beauty of the POWER-UP kit is that every new strategy can be completely customised. Whether the kit is sent to potential clients containing tasty treats and branded stress balls, or whether it is used at employee training days and is packed with pens and charging cables, the POWER-UP kit is perfect for a tailor-made strategy.

Jack Nadel International’s Promise

JNI is one of the only promotional merchandise companies that has a completely streamlined global e-commerce service. Multinational companies can initiate, track and deliver merchandising items all across the world.

When this is applied to the versatility of the POWER-UP kit, it has the makings of a truly exceptional marketing strategy.

Whether it be networking events in India or a marketing campaign in the US, JNI will be able to deliver on your objectives. The recent collaboration between JNI and Nutanix has been a fun and innovative experience for all involved and we are excited to see it put into action across the globe.

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