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How to make your sales boom selling on Zoom

Talk of the ‘new normal’ and this ‘changing world’ has become a little repetitive. We’ve heard it so often now, those oft-repeated tropes are starting to sound a little like the lyrics of the pop song we’ve heard too much of.

There is, of course, a reason we’re hearing it, reading it and saying it so often. This is a changed world and it is continuing to change as we adapt to new modes of living. Many of us, in our private as well as professional lives, will have already seen and interacted with a great number of these changes.

Some are exciting, others are frightening.

The accelerant we didn’t expect

Many of these changes haven’t come entirely out of the blue. Over the last decade, the digitisation of business has been ongoing. The Coronavirus, and its appending effects, may have accelerated some changes but they were likely on the horizon regardless of the pandemic.

It is a horizon that many of us - older hats mostly, but certainly some of the youngsters - might have looked to with a certain degree of trepidation. It is a future of remote working, online sales and other, previously only imaginable, tech solutions.

Lee Goff, Forbes’ marketing specialist, says it how it is: “Organisations must diversify their traditional lead flow and internal processes into digital processes to remain relative and profitable going forward.”

It might sound bleak but here is our choice: modernise or get left behind.

Modernisation sounds daunting. It is the welcoming in of the unknown, the brightly-lit and the often-temperamental. Many of us still struggle with the more pernickety elements of optimizing our phones. What are those of us in that category supposed to do with the prospect of conducting business entirely online?

What we’ve learnt

That’s where we come in. Liz Venz, JNI’s dynamic and record-breaking CEO, has been in sales and marketing roles for over 20 years and, just like all of you, she has had to change her tactics to fit the remote-work professional environment.

Here at Jack Nadel International, we are always on the look-out for the new, the eye-catching and the exciting. Our industry demands it. Successful branded merchandising is about grabbing and harnessing moments of expression, moments of captured imagination.

And so, when the world was forced inside, we were forced to think outside the box. We created webstores customisable to our clients. We developed Zoom-meeting sales tactics and created the framework for home-delivery from our virtual stores. We brought branded merchandising back into a world which no longer knew physical meet-and-greets, launch parties and networking fairs.

And we’ve been incredibly successful. Our adaptive attempts to harness the resources of this new world have borne fruit. JNI London has smashed its targets on eCommerce stalls sold. We have done the same with our home-delivery virtual stores. And all of this was possible because of the strengths of our selling on Zoom tactics.

Sharing these lessons

Now, we want to share in what we’ve learnt. Below you’ll be able to find the first in a series of webinars that expands on how we managed to create what we have.

We discuss the benefits of selling on Zoom as well as how to best harness the videoconferencing site’s software. We’ll go into what to do and what not to do; we’ll lay bare some of the secrets that many might not have thought of.

If you find yourself a little daunted by the prospect of taking the sales and networking arm of your business digital, then we strongly suggest you take your mouse, scroll down, and click play!

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