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How to get the most out of a branded merchandise campaign

As a business, Jack Nadel International prides itself on being both a product and a service. We don’t simply provide our clients with the latest and best of products from our suppliers, we also advise them on how best to deliver these in their specific marketing campaign.

Campaign is the keyword here. Simply putting your brand on various products is not an effective strategy. These products need to be delivered as part of a wider strategy that has defined goals and objectives.

In fact, we have plenty of experience in helping our clients with creating actionable strategies.

JNI has taken huge steps over many years in providing web solutions to our clients, with our latest innovation that creates an online webstore solution that allows businesses to continue to run highly organised and effective campaigns all from the comfort of everyone’s homes. At JNI, we know strategy and in today’s article we are going to share some of our insights with you.

Combining merchandise with vision

Businesses are always evolving. At least, good businesses are always evolving. As times change, businesses are forced to respond and change the way they act, look, or operate. These moments of evolution are often the best times to launch strategic marketing campaigns.

Recently, one of our clients, Kearney, underwent an exciting rebrand. This rebrand was disruptive in its nature and saw the company take advantage of the low-hanging fruit of the digital world. If you want to find out more about this rebrand, you can read about it on one of our recent blog posts.

As for their merchandise, Kearney combined their rebrand with a thoughtful campaign where they sent out sleek, and useful, branded bottles to prospective clients and current employees. Combining the rebrand with a physical product is a great way of making the entire campaign memorable and therefore strengthening the brand.

Branded merchandise and social media go hand-in-hand

Across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, there are literally billions of users who are scrolling through tailored news feeds and are opening themselves up to interesting branded content.

Anyone who has tried creating engagement on social media will know how difficult it can be to achieve genuine interactions. Whilst you may have access to huge numbers of people, many of these just scroll and keep on scrolling.

That’s where promotional merchandise comes in! Good promotional merchandise is perfect for an engaging social media campaign. If you send all your employees awesome caps then you can be sure that you will be seeing these hats all over your social media a few weeks down the line.

Promotional products also provide a great opportunity for online competitions. Businesses can organise free giveaways online which will be shared by followers, and then friends of followers and then even further because people love to interact in competitions if there is a chance of winning free goodies.

Taking advantage of seasonal events

Campaigns that take advantage of seasonal changes are good because the variation acts as a natural refresher to the strategy. Whilst people love free giveaways, it is important to make sure that campaigns are not allowed to go stale. If you are giving out the same product throughout the year, the value of the product, in the eyes of the receiver, will naturally decrease.

Piggybacking on seasonal events like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter provide new stimulus and new opportunities to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Maybe your brand looks great on a warm beanie hat perfect for an outdoor Christmas market. Or maybe, you want your brand to be eaten by clients during an Easter-time chocolate binge.

An important lesson to remember for seasonal promotion is timing. Being early can be a good strategy but you don’t want your brand to be forgotten about by the time the event comes round. However, if you are too late you may be entering a saturated market. That’s why you should choose an agency like JNI, because promotional merchandise is more than a product, it’s a service.

Merchandise for employees as well as clients

This last point is something that we at JNI think is very important. We know how important it is for all businesses to keep growing and finding new clients and so we understand why the marketing budget is often directed towards this. However, in our experience, it is good practice to provide employees with promotional products as well.

Happy employees who feel noticed and appreciated by the company they work for will always perform better than those who don’t. At the end of the day, employees are the ambassadors of any business and if they are out in the world, flying the flag and spreading the good word then your marketing goals are that much closer to being met.

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