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How our JNI Together store helped an exciting business grow their brand during lockdown

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with a spokesperson from one of our top clients. During this call we discussed, in most part, the JNI Together store with the specific aim of finding out how we at JNI can continue to provide our clients with the products and services they need to grow their brand.

As a company, the business in question has had a rollercoaster of a year. Whilst its popularity has skyrocketed during lockdown, it has, like most companies, had to deal with some of the negative effects of the pandemic.

A key part of our client’s marketing operations revolved around conferences and events which, during lockdown, were no longer an option. That is where the JNI Together webstore came in. In the interview, we discussed the various ways that their marketing team use the webstore to overcome the lack of conferences that all businesses have been forced to contend with.

For those of you who haven’t read our previous articles on JNI Together, it is a customisable webstore that allows brands to easily send gifts and merchandise to clients and employees across the world. It works across multiple regions, in multiple currencies and takes advantage of JNI’s global community to reduce costs and emissions. To find out more about it, follow this link.

‘It makes remote work easy and flexible’

Just like everyone else, our client has been forced to run all their operations from home. In the interview, we discussed how a large part of their business operations and promotional strategy revolves around hosting events for prospective users and employees. During lockdown, and in the interest of public health, this strategy had to stop, and their marketing team were scratching their heads thinking of new ways to achieve brand exposure.

Sending gifts via the JNI Together webstore was one of the ways that our client managed to overcome this issue. They sent carefully chosen branded swag to their own clients. This merch was designed to live long in the mind and serve as a memento for their brand image.

For their employees, we helped our client organise virtual parties by sending out games and edible treats via the webstore. These gifts were enjoyed between colleagues over a Zoom call as they discussed latest news and upcoming projects. Events like these are an easy way of boosting engagement and generating a bit of team spirit.

The webstore helped our client to run their virtual conferences and events that were still engaging and fun to attend. This echoes some of our comments in a previous article that we wrote about the webstore, right at the start of lockdown. In that article, we argued that tangible marketing, the use of branded physical goods, is a vital part of a good marketing strategy during lockdown.

‘It drastically reduces the amount of admin required’

One of the best features of the JNI Together webstore is the fact that it is GDPR compliant. For those of you who haven’t used it, firstly, you select the monetary value of the gift you want to send, it could be £10, or it could be £50. Then, you select the gift or gifts and add the email address of the client. When the client receives the gift, they enter their own personal delivery details and the gift is sourced from one of our global stores so that it arrives as quickly as possible.

Our client uses the store to send gifts to people in London, Amsterdam, Athens, and more and, according to our correspondent, it is really good at helping to prevent the sending of duplicate gifts to one client.

‘Receiving a gift just makes you feel good

One of the key points we discovered in the interview was that receiving gifts in the mail makes you feel good, it makes you feel involved. Whether it’s an edible treat or a fun game or an item of promotional swag, nothing beats the giddy excitement of receiving a package in the mail.

During this difficult and occasionally lonely time, it is so nice to feel valued even if it is from a company or brand. Receiving swag in the mail is a lockdown innovation that we don’t think will ever go away, especially with the increasing trend towards Work From Home.

So, if you are looking to kickstart an incredibly effective gifting strategy, what are you waiting for? Contact JNI to find out more about our powerful webstore.

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