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'White & Green' eco loo rolls: November's Product of the Month

This week, we would like to showcase a really special product for our monthly review. At Jack Nadel International, we are often given the opportunity to work with exciting companies and we take pride in supporting start-ups that have ideals which come into alignment with our own.

Many of these companies care deeply about the product they’ve built, and about the message they promote. Seldom, however, have we found a company so excitingly forward-thinking as the one comprised of the great minds over at White & Green. White & Green is a family-owned, independent company that has produced an environmentally conscious, ethically driven and stylishly packaged loo roll.

It is the brainchild of cousins Joe (pictured) and George. The pair were previously involved in the arts, in song writing and film directing respectively, before they decided to turn their creative talents to saving the planet.

Operating here in the UK, White & Green’s rolls are built of bamboo, the earth’s fastest growing plant. The production of bamboo loo rolls requires less water, pulls more CO2 from the atmosphere and involves the cutting down of no trees (27,000 of which are currently destroyed daily in the production of regular loo paper).

To make the White & Green alternative even more special, their rolls are a premium 3 ply. They’re also longer than regular paper rolls (300 sheets per roll, as opposed to 180-200). Furthermore, each roll is both chlorine and BPA free, packaged with no plastic whatsoever and sold in support of a truly incredible mission.

The guys at White & Green, not content with producing an everyday product that minimises the impact humanity and its habits has on the planet and its resources, have also made a pledge to donate drinking water to the needful.

White & Green have made caring for the planet and its peoples central to their brand. Currently, they are focussing their drinking water initiative on the poverty-stricken peoples of Northern Uganda. With each box bought from them, they will provide a year’s worth of drinking water to someone struggling to access it in the East African country.

If you want to learn more about this incredible project, and we suggest you take the time to do so, then feel free to check out their website here.

It almost doesn’t need to be said, the photographs speak for themselves, but this White & Green product is as stunningly packaged as it is ethically considered. Their design team took inspiration from minimalist Scandinavian interior design work. The rolls are monochrome, adorned with bold, elegant branding, and silky. They’d provide a simple, but sleek, accent to any interior landscape.

As we edge toward our second national lockdown - hoping we won’t see the same levels of hoarding we saw the last time out but preparing for the fact regardless - consider giving a gift of these incredible loo rolls.

This product is a perfect promotional piece. It is produced by a business that is committed to its ethical agenda. It is environmentally sourced. And, as if it even needs to be said, it has made the everyday look exceptional. It is the perfect gift for your employees or potential clients.

So, if you want the opportunity to partner up with this incredible company, get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

We’ll build you your own webstore with the option to gift this incredible product and we’ll monitor and organise delivery of these bold, beautiful, and branded loo rolls to potential customers across the country.

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