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Four of Our E-Commerce Webstore’s most Useful Features

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

In the summer of 2019, Jack Nadel International launched the merchandising world’s first single platform e-commerce store. In partnership with the great and technical minds over at Confablo, JNI can now offer its clients all the various features of global merchandising distribution from one, easy to use, platform.

If you want to read more about the launch of our Confablo-hosted e-commerce store then you can do so here.

In this article, we want to explain some of its key features and why they help make Jack Nadel International the most efficient and exciting of all global merchandising stores.

What is Confablo?

For those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to read about our launch on the Confablo platform, we just wanted to explain a little about what it does.

In short, Confablo allows JNI to bring all the varied elements of branded merchandise sourcing together on one interface. This means that our clients can organise and monitor their merchandising needs efficiently and easily. Confablo makes the whole process of sourcing promotional products simpler, and, as a result, less costly.

In-store Region Switching

One of our favourite elements of the Confablo platform is its in-store region switching.

On our webstore, JNI’s clients can switch between the regions we operate in, and we operate almost everywhere. With local teams in the Americas and EMEA and APAC countries, we ensure a worldwide hands-on experience.

This means, wherever your event, you will have branded merchandise sourced locally. The advantages of this are endless: no custom’s hold-ups, no shipping costs, no import taxes or local duties, and less environmental impact.

Confablo’s network of in-region storage facilities means that whatever you want from us will be sourced and shipped from the region you’re ordering for.

Automated Re-ordering and Live Stock Counts

Our webstore brings all the varied elements of branded merchandise ordering together. Our partners at Confablo couldn’t have made it any easier for our clients to monitor what they’ve ordered most of, where it was ordered from and where it’s going.

All of its features are designed to streamline promotional product sourcing. And the automated re-ordering option does just that. Based on time or stock specific factors, users can configure their account to automatically re-order certain products. This way you’ll never find yourself without important pieces of merchandise.

If you do find yourself looking to make a new purchase then the live-stock counts could provide invaluable information. With constantly updating figures, Confablo users have access to potentially decision-making information.

Stripe Integration and Payment Type Links

Many of our clients are global powerhouses, household names that operate on a variety of different continents. That means they often haven’t the time for lengthy payment hold-ups and the time delay of bank transfers.

With Stripe, which allows for immediate online payments, our clients can use our Confablo webstore to make the payments easily and all in one place.

The size of our clients also means that they often have multiple banks holding various different currencies. And because these same clients require different merchandise for the different regions they operate in, they often pay for certain products in a specific currency.

The payment type linking feature dovetails really well with our in-store region switching. Certain branches of your company will be able to pay for what they need with the currency that’s most appropriate.

‘Punchout’ Capabilities

The Confablo software is designed to interface with many of the corporate world’s most-used procurement systems. Most of our larger clients will use systems designed by Workday, Coupa, Ariba, Oracle or SAP when it comes to the sourcing of their firm’s much needed supplies.

When a company employee uses its procurement system to buy, say, a new t-shirt, that procurement system will send them directly to our webstore. We, in the industry, like to call this a Punchout Catalog. The employee can then choose the t-shirt they want along with pre-defined shipping rules and customer specific pricing options.

Next, our store sends the order back to the company’s procurement system for its HR Manager’s approval and, once that’s given, it appears as a completed order on our webstore where it’s immediately sent to the warehouse for dispatch.

This takes a lot of the hassle out of sourcing suppliers and finding the right products. It also makes making payments and reporting significantly easier.

Our Confablo hosted webstore is a revolutionary step for the promotional merchandising industry. It makes sourcing branded products easy and less costly. Feel free to give it a go.

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