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Corporate Gifts UK and Europe: Our eCommerce platform's effect on global marketing strategies

At JNI, we have always asserted that the ongoing WFH revolution will do great things for the branded merchandise industry – and our experience thus far has done nothing to refute this claim.

The reason we believe this is simple and it has something to do with our evolving relationship with physical space. The idea of ‘the office’, previously such a mainstay in the concept of work, is beginning to degrade as major corporations all over the world announce new, flexible working frameworks.

For example, major tech firm Salesforce recently announced that they were abandoning the 9-to-5 workday in favour of a much more flexible option. Salesforce are joined by many other large firms including Coinbase and Shopify.

This new relationship with office space is causing an absence, for employees and clients, of the physicality of an organisation and this is why branded merchandise is doing so well. Corporations are responding to these changes by creating whole ranges of great branded merchandise and shipping these off all over the world with the help of advanced eCommerce platforms.

eCommerce Boom

Part of the reason for this boom in global gifting strategies is the advancement in eCommerce technologies. The ease in which businesses can send products all over the world means that corporations can access people in any country with the click of a button.

All these innovations in eCommerce, which you can read about here, have led to the development of our JNIT proprietary software that allows our clients to build custom webstores where employees can gain access and launch, then track, global gifting campaigns.

Our mission with the JNIT software is to show our current clients, and any new clients, that the advancements in eCommerce technology are not just for companies that sell merchandise like Amazon and Shopify – they can be used to drive profits and productivity for any business!

By populating your web store with a range of carefully chosen and expertly designed products, you can increase the memorability of your brand even during a pandemic. These brands are then populated in your web store and can be distributed from this easy-to-navigate webstore at any time.

How are brands taking advantage of eCommerce?

There are several ways in which your clients can use our web stores, or any advanced eCommerce platform, to increase productivity and spread your brand in a thoughtful way.

MEETING PACKS: Meeting packs are a great way of increasing the success of a video conference call. For a staff or client meeting, delivering snacks, drinks, or coupons is a great way of encouraging engagement as it alleviates some of the monotony of a video meeting.

One of the activities we have tried at JNI several times is hosting a cocktail party through the Moore House Cocktail Company – after work obviously! All our attendants had a delicious cocktail/mocktail delivered right to their door and during the meeting we learnt how to assemble the perfect cocktail – whether it was alcoholic or non-alcoholic. It was so much fun, and everyone genuinely loved it.

STAFF CARE PACKAGE: One of the key issues brought about by this pandemic is the issue of employee burnout. A scarily large chunk of the workforce is suffering from some form of fatigue and anxiety and it is the employer’s responsibility to try and alleviate this.

Care packages are a great way of giving a staff member a little boost in a tough time. Perhaps a pair of warm company socks, a coupon for a takeaway meal, or a new company hoodie – all of these would be much appreciated and easy to deliver with a corporate eCommerce platform like JNIT.

VIDEO CALL PARAPHERNALIA: The importance of an on-brand background for video calls should not be understated. If your organisation has a large fleet of employees making video calls with potential clients all the time, it may be wise to kit these people out with some great merchandise.

Whether it is a full spread or maybe just a company t-shirt – having your brand appear in every video could pay dividends for brand memorability and converting those sales pitches.

Pivot your brand

There are plenty of opportunities out there for organisations of any size to take advantage of our proprietary software – or any eCommerce software!

A key benefit of going with JNI is we have offices all over the world and we operate all over the world. We recently opened our offices in the Netherlands which means we are open for business as usual across Europe – regardless of Brexit.

Furthermore, we also offer a completely integrated app within Salesforce which makes it even easier to launch global gifting campaigns for our clients who use Salesforce.

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