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Branded Blue Light Blockers: October’s Product Spotlight

Blue light blockers are every able-eyed hipster’s guilty pleasure. Finally, an excuse to look bookish and slightly nerdy without also being accused of being shallow and superficial.

Seriously though, despite being a great opportunity to dramatically change your look, blue light blockers are also a really important, and potentially game-changing tool for all you Work From Homers.

So, what are they?

Well, the clue is in the name. Blue light blockers are eyeglasses that literally block blue light. The real question that needs answering is, what is blue light?

Blue light is the shortest wavelength of light visible on the light spectrum. It isn’t necessarily bad for you, and sunlight contains its own fair share of blue light too. However, digital lighting, such as the light from laptops, TVs, and mobile phones, emits a disproportionately high amount of blue light.

Studies have shown that blue light has a suppressive effect on melatonin in our bodies which impacts our natural circadian rhythm – the cycle that is responsible for giving us a good night’s sleep.

This effect is especially pronounced in the evenings when blue light from excessive use of our phones as well as watching TV can seriously impact the subsequent night’s sleep.

Studies have also shown that using eyeglasses that block blue light can lead to increased cognition and memory, reduced symptoms of insomnia, and increased quality of night’s sleep. It really is a no-brainer.

A few things to consider

Firstly, blue light blockers look strange on video conference calls. You can visibly see the blue light from your laptop being blocked by the lenses leaving your eyes looking slightly darkened and also leading to the reflection of blue light.

If that’s an issue, you can always remove them and use them at all other times of day other than your conference calls. Once again, blue light isn’t bad, but excessive blue light can negatively impact your circadian rhythm and affect your sleep.

Branded Blue Light Blockers

The best promotional merchandise campaigns are those that think outside the box. Sure, promotional pens will always be a strong strategy and promotional mugs will always lead to a good amount of impressions. However, promotional blue light blockers are a clever way of making your brand even more memorable.

Whether you are sending them out to clients or employees or any other stakeholders, they are sure to be greatly appreciated.

Blue light blockers fall under that category of product that everyone really wants to own and try, but nobody ever goes that extra step to make the purchase. Let your brand be the one that goes the extra mile.

The best bit about branded blue light blockers is the subtle potential of your organisation’s brand. Whether it's in the colour of the frame, or the company name written on one of the temples, or even a small logo on the earpiece, your brand will be noticed and appreciated every time the glasses are worn.

WFH Accessories

Branded blue light blockers are quickly becoming a key tool in the WFH toolbox. Along with a computer mouse, a notebook, a mouse mat, a water bottle, and many other items.

If you are thinking of initiating a branded merchandise strategy, perhaps you should consider a range of WFH accessories as the centrepiece of your strategy.

At Jack Nadel International, we encourage all our clients to do the same three things to ensure their gifting strategy is as effective as it possibly can be and not another wasted marketing campaign. Let us design your range of merchandise, let us build your personalised webstore and then YOU can control distribution across the whole world.

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