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5 Easy Ways to Keep your Employees Engaged as They Work From Home

Unfortunately, this virus and its affects are still a very active and dangerous part of our everyday lives. For many, business as usual is impossible and unthinkable. For others, it is necessary and a welcome distraction from life stuck indoors without any distraction.

In our limited way, we at Jack Nadel International have tried to compile a list of things that we think help us stay engaged and happy to work as we sit in our living rooms trying to pretend everything is normal.

Last week, we posted an article on the best branded merchandise options you can send employees or clients who are forced to work from home. If you haven’t had a chance to read that article, then you can do so by following this link.

Remind them, in a thoughtful way, that you’re still there

If you were to send them something from the company, branded with its logo, it might be a great way to remind them that your still there whilst also showing that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. It pays to feel valued.

One of the great ways we’ve been doing this is by inviting our partners and employees to virtual cocktail parties. The invitee gets sent a promo code along with a link to our JNI Together pop-up store. Then, they select from an assortment of cocktails – espresso martinis, maragaritas, manhattans and negronis – which are sent to them by post for their enjoyment at the virtual cocktail mixer.

We think it’s a great idea, and we’re confident that your employees will too.

Encourage them in their hobbies and out of work interests

Working from home feels strange to most people. It erodes the traditional work/life balance when your place of rest is transformed into a working space. Studies have shown that most people work better when they know there is an off button that can be pushed at the end of the day.

If you know your employees interests then maybe encouraging them to follow those up will boost the productivity in their working hours. This might mean setting up a virtual cycle race for those that have Strava, the exercise app, or maybe creating a conference call for a book club meeting.

Spice up your video conferences

For every person that takes a little bit of excitement from doing a Zoom conference call with a shirt, tie and pyjama bottoms on there is another who finds the process tedious.

At JNI, we’ve come up with an idea that we believe get our workforce excited about meeting up virtually. Through our webstore, we have set up the ability to send physical gifts or party props that will be used at virtual get togethers.

You can send your employee a company branded blanket or a mug for their coffee and invite them to bring the items to a Zoom meeting.

Help them deal with the unwelcome distractions

Many of us will be working from home alongside spouses or while we also coordinate meals and childcare routines.

A great way to keep your workforce from getting overwhelmed by these additional concerns is by creating a platform for halving the problem.

You can divert some time from discussing business on each call to talking about easy recipes for meals or ideas that will keep children busy. The sharing of ideas can be a great way to boost your company morale and really bring people together.

Encourage them to stay active

Physical exercise, as many of us know, boosts productivity, mental wellbeing and, of course, our health. For many, exercise is daunting. For many others, all they need is the right prompting. If you were to send your employees a care package of useful exercise equipment (skipping rope, resistance bands or a yoga mat), that may be the prompt they were looking for.

From our webstore, you can ensure that all these goodies are sent to your employees branded with your company’s logo. A subtle nudge from your company to its employees that shows you care about their well-being.

We know that a number of our clients have also being getting creative when it comes to keeping their workforce active. With online exercise classes you can get your employees together in an informal setting and encourage them to keep active.

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