The old way of doing business is on hold.

We’ve got something totally new for the new normal.

It’s called JNI Together© and it’s a great way to get great merchandise straight to your employees and clients

Of course, if nothing quite hits the spot. No sweat.  You can send them a pre-paid MasterCard or Amazon voucher so they can spend the money however they want.

To send any of the gifts, you just select it…. add it to the cart…. go to check-out….and input their normal email address. That’s it.

They may be hunkered down but that doesn’t mean

they can’t live it up a bit.

But here’s where JNI Together© is really smart.  It doesn’t just let you send virtual gifts. With this platform you can send the REAL thing to your clients to give them a real boost during the restrictions.

You could create a neat little Working at Home Survival Kit.  Or, you could simply lift their spirits with a great individual gift like a ready-mixed cocktail.  You could then invite them to a Zoom Happy Hour party to enjoy it!


In fact, using branded gifts as part of a virtual event is a very cool way to engage your clients.   Whatever merchandise you do want to send, all we ask is that it’s pre-purchased stock that’s in our warehouse.

Then, for your client to receive the gift, they go through a similar online process to the one you’ve just seen in the video.

  • They punch in the code, select the gift and add it to the shopping cart.

  • They then input their preferred delivery address (most likely their home).

  • That way, it’ll reach them wherever they are.


Even better, with merchandise in our warehouse, if they order it before 12.00 noon, it’ll get sent out the same day!

Even in a crisis, you can still look after your clients or your staff.


JNI. Keep safe. Keep healthy. Keep it together


Easy to use

The JNI Together© gifting platform is fully customizable to fit your brand – with your look and feel, your layout and your URL.

You can adapt it for the UK, Europe or the US.

And, it works with any currency that you currently use


Controlled by you

First, decide on the value.

It could be £10; it could be £50 - you choose. In fact, if you want different values for different clients, you can choose that too.


You then send them a unique promo code and they’re all set to pick their own gift - we’ve got some great quarantine-busting ideas you can offer them, including movie rental, Uber Eats. Or even donate the money to charity

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