As a company, we help other businesses and brands to create and shape the image and ethos that they wish to convey to the outside world. We must hold ourselves accountable with their measure of success

The JNI family are proud of their commitment to excellence, their constant attention to detail and in the consciousness with which they undergo their everyday tasks. These accolades are expected of many working individuals, in a variety of different industries, but few do it so well as the team we’ve managed to build. Furthermore, few do it so well while juggling the unique blend of complications inherent in our industry.

The branded merchandising industry occupies a unique position in the interaction between consumer and big business. It is like the junction or meeting point where the concerns of one blend, interact with, and act as influence on those of the other. We, at JNI London, recognise where we stand as well as the obligation that comes with our place in this relationship.

We have our own identity, but we are also the extension of our client’s brand. As such, we are held doubly accountable; by our own standards of correct governance and by theirs. This is a level of responsibility we relish upholding. It is a challenge we take pride in the undertaking.


Supporting employee welfare

One of the key features of working at JNI London is employee welfare. We encourage health and wellness for everyone and make it our duty to maintain workplace satisfaction and address any issues should they arise.

Creating an ethical and secure workplace

Everyone in the JNI London family is committed to the creation of a harmonious workplace. This means tackling prejudice in whatever form it appears, protecting human rights and adhering to the rules set out by GDPR.


Recognising that we can always do better

As proud as we are of the diverse and welcoming work-place culture that we have fostered, we know that there is more to be done if we are to create a representative and accessible working world. We will continue to strive towards this ideal.

We believe, very strongly, that creativity comes most easily to the happy and enfranchised individual. As such, the whole JNI team must take credit for the culture that has inspired our expressive branded merchandising campaigns consistently over the years.


To have kept our business at the forefront of the industry is an achievement that brings us no end of pride. To have done it with the commitment to development and a higher cause is nothing short of exceptional. 



Light and Shadow

A bridge between brands and the protection of our clients and our brand

Understanding our role and committing to the protection of our clients’ brand

Whilst our actions are continually shaped and defined by our guiding principles, we must also consider and adhere to those held dear by our clients, many of which are some of the world’s leading multinational corporations. As a company, we help other businesses and brands to create and shape the image and ethos that they wish to convey to the outside world. We must hold ourselves accountable with their measure of success. As such, our moral and philosophical integrity is necessarily adaptable and dependent on our client’s desires.

Providing our clients with the promotional merchandise they desire, whilst also adhering to our own guiding principles, is all part of the JNI experience. Indeed, as a company that exists at the centre-point of various industries, it is vitally important that we adhere to certain moral and regulatory standards.

At Jack Nadel International, we strive for transparency and our commitment to reaching certain self-set standards is well-rewarded in our application for the following ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) certifications:

ISO 9001 Quality assurance. In the commitment to achieving ISO 9001, Jack Nadel International must demonstrate an ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and demonstrate continuous improvement.

ISO 27001 Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection. In order to attain ISO 27001, Jack Nadel International must implement, maintain and continually improve certain information security measures in line with ISO specifications.  

Core Values

At our essence, we’re a part of the advertising world. Our commitment is to our clients, to the provision of current, exciting and powerful tangible marketing strategies. But our principles are as much a part of our direction as the product we sell, and these can be broken down into our three Ps:


The efficacy of our operation, the creativity that drives us forward, and the endeavour that takes our ideas from conception to actualisation are derived from enfranchisement, from each employee’s sense of belonging.

People create businesses.


At JNI, the onus is on creating a workplace that is inclusive to all, an environment that endorses encouragement. We strive toward an atmosphere that inspires the individual, feels like a family and challenges each member to achieve their goals.


This is not our planet. We are not, have never been, and will not be its owners and yet, we are still responsible for the version of it we leave to our inheritors.

Protecting the planet is our mandate.


As a species, we must take ownership of this responsibility. At JNI, we will continue our commitment to attending to the threats to, and impacts on, the environment and ensure that we monitor and modify our environmental policy in order to protect the natural world. 


We are, each of us, human beings before we are businesspeople, individuals before entrepreneurs, living, breathing women and men.


Leave behind a legacy that inspires and elevates.


Globalised capitalism reaches out and touches everything; it behoves us to understand that, though we do not see all its varied effects, they exist. We, at JNI, recognise the potential for good this reach gives us. We will always endeavour to use this influence to benefit all of mankind. 


Understanding and alleviating our impact

Getting into good habits: As with all great and positive changes that have been visited on this earth, saving this planet from the worst excesses of environmental exploitation comes from within. The JNI offices are fully equipped with the means and systems necessary for the reduction of waste and the recycling of what can be. 

Investing in a greener future: Our team of local and international agents strive constantly to find and source materials that can achieve the same branded-merchandising utility without sacrificing in quality. Our newest product offering to clients is comprised of a hitherto unprecedented array of sustainably sourced and recyclable materials. 

Recognising our industry’s inefficiencies and striving to overcome them: The world of tangible marketing solutions has long been associated with cheaper, throw-away products of a short and unsustainable lifespan. At JNI, however, our commitment to operating with less impact on the natural world has driven us to reimagine the life cycle of our products. With greater investment in quality products, our branded merchandising solutions are not designed to be discarded.

Holding our suppliers accountable: Even as we are held to the standards of our clients, we ensure that those who supply to us maintain correct and transparent standards across their operational and supply chains. Our largest suppliers are BPMA (British Promotional Merchandising Association) accredited and are thus held accountable by the stringent ethical workplace and environmental standardisation measures.

Commitment to cutting operational emissions: In digital solutions, we may find the cure to our ailing planet. In conjunction with our strategically placed warehouses, Confablo, JNI’s online solution to sourcing locally available merchandising options, limits delivery journeys, ensuring that we curb distances travelled and thus, our carbon footprint. 

Northern Lights

Our targets for the new decade

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have been affected in some way by the Covid-19 outbreak.

We can all agree that the New Decade has started very unexpectedly. No amount of good practice or preparedness could have prepared us for what 2020 has thrown our way. One of the key changes, faced by all businesses, is the rise of ‘Work From Home’ as well as an economy suffering from the effects of Coronavirus. 

So, how does a business like ours define and then work towards defined targets when we are still in a period of global transformation? 

At JNI, regardless of the outcome of the pandemic, we have begun to realign ourselves with a more environmentally conscious style of business practice.


Sustainability is the new mandate.


Over the next 10 years, we hope to foster and develop our credentials as a sustainable organisation in line with guidelines set out by the UK government. 

Furthermore, our commitment will always be to our employees, staff and clients. As our society matures, we are beginning to understand more about mental health and the importance of job satisfaction and fulfillment. We remain committed to ensuring we create a pleasant working environment for all of our stakeholders. 

At JNI, we know that awards, whilst incredible to receive, are not everything. They offer only validation for what truly matters: a working environment well cultivated, a project completed with ingenuity and guile, and a happy team.


  • We are very proud to announce that Jack Nadel International has won the UK Business Award’s top prize for SME of the year, 2020. The Gold award recognises the teams and individuals who are shaping the world of business. The UKBA Gold award is designed to promote best practice and inspire personal and professional growth.

  • We are also very happy to have received the ‘Ones to Watch’ award from the European Business Awards year of 2019. The ‘Ones to Watch’ accolade, awarded to JNI by the world’s largest cross-industry, international business competition, recognises a company’s commitment to, and excellence in, three criteria of measurement: Success, Innovation and Ethical operation.

Diversity is something to be celebrated. We pride ourselves on the multicultural, inclusive nature of our team and will always look to see how we can do more to make the workplace a more representative environment.

  • SME Business Awards Silver Winner for Business Woman of the Year

  • International Business Awards Bronze for the Stevie Prize, awarded to the understated woman of the year

  • Finalist in the Best Business Women Awards

  • Shortlisted for the Forward Ladies National Award

The individual successes accredited to JNI London’s CEO, Elizabeth Venz, are something we are incredibly proud of. An individual’s reach, however, is dependent on the team that they surround themselves with. We share in our CEO’s personal pride and see in her successes JNI London’s commitment to creating a more equable workplace and an inspiration to businesswomen the world over.

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